Things you don’t mind to lose but still regret

October 2, 2007 at 5:02 am 1 comment

I have to admit, my smalltalk skills were never perfect. Though, there was this time I could talk about all the small, unimportant and pretty much less interesting things than my parents sex life.
It seems that I’ve lost it all. Don’t get me wrong, but what question is more useless than the one where you ask a girl in a club if she really likes to listen to this kind of music? Sometimes, I tend to go with ‘Do you want to skip the talking part and switch directly to the fluid-exchange?’ like performed in the movie ‘In a beautiful mind’. But really, the woman of today would not flush and run away anymore, but more fatal, kick you in your basement.
What’s wrong with today’s conversations? Everybody wants sophistication but nobody wants to think or do anything for it.

The whole conversation-going-down-the-drain maybe sticks out most in nowadays chat rooms. Ever talked to a 14-year-old who’s ability is to ask 10 questions within 10 seconds and then awaits to answer questions with yes and no? I mean, if the first 10 questions would even be interesting, you could maybe have at least two minutes of fun. On the bright side, its pretty easy to find out if someone is below the legal intercourse age. But never mind, in fact with most people you wouldn’t even want to talk in real life anyways. Not to speak of the more fleshy things.

Let’s be honest, everybody is against stereotypy if it’s about racism, but when it comes to the decision of things, most people go with the masses.
It’s hard to be special if you want to be ordinary!


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Things you believe to believe in

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  • 1. Murdoque DuKeip  |  October 12, 2007 at 5:46 am

    Voices of the past agree – as they always agree if they are able to drag themselves out of the social incopatible part of their personality – which is as possible as winning the local ms.goodlooking contest – when you keep in regard that you are 32 years old, male and never were “good looking”.
    But now there ist the perfect platform for our fencing with words – because i for one was never afraid to mention the obvious, let’s end this first comment with a classical citation – which we were both present when it was createt (in those strange times, when we were still able to meet in person):
    Der Fisch beginnt am Kopf zu stinken…
    guess, as always you have had to be there, Muhahahha


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