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Thinking about motivation

When you’re even thinking about things you could do before you have to check for emails, you’re really in trouble. Procrastination is not only the thief of time. Furthermore, these little distractions you’re looking for are like stones in your shoes when you’re trying to walk over water. Actually, let me rephrase: if you’re already thinking about procrastination – which you’re obviously forced to at the moment – you’re merely swimming in the attempt to prevent yourself from drowning. Be honest, you don’t really have a chance of getting any further.
Sounds pretty bad? Well, it is! You should really stop reading and get on with your work. Except if you want to know what you could do to defeat your killer instinct regarding time. In that case, go on – but hurry!

What makes the things we have to do so easy to prolong and almost destined for postponement? Did you ever think about changing your motivation? Now, don’t tell me all you need is more time instead of motivation. That would be quite the exception and you wouldn’t need an advice. The difficult process is to focus on your current action to 100 percent. Before that, even harder, you’ll need to start. It’s fine to think about alternatives, but then just take a breath and start. Just don’t forget that distractions are evil. Try to avoid them anywhere possible.
Alright, back to work!


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