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When suspense is your first name and satire your last, you may be the author of The Gun Seller. Written by Hugh Laurie already about 10 years ago. Laurie, who is probably best known for his role as Dr. House, could have made the scripts to his acting dialogues by himself. At least, that’s going to be your impression when you know the TV series and start reading his first novel afterwards. The book shows his ability to play off childish and driest satirical counterquestions at its best.

It’s pretty easy read and makes struggles for survival seem rather ordinary and almost comfortable. Laurie narrates in the first person and you’re to follow his thoughts about almost anything while going from one unconventional situation to another. This makes it a nice piece to read for now and then and even in between. One might criticise that there are often new characters introduced and maybe that the whole story is missing some of the depth it’s seeking, but the conversations itself work and bring a lot of wit and intelligence into it. His descriptions of characters and situations but most of all his art of answering without an actual answer are somehow comic-ous and simply great.

Read if you like:
intelligent fights, comic situations, satiric dialogues and House MD.
Don’t read if you don’t like:
dry humour, Great Britain, English, noir crimes or fast motorcycles.


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Gesucht wird Verstand Breaking limits

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