What do you need for a change?

July 15, 2008 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

WinXP ~> Ubuntu 8.04

  • write down the system configuration
    • system properties (computername, domain)
      you can use the windows tool: msinfo32 (enter in command line)
    • hardware manager (attention with card readers and bluetooth)
      manufacturer/type/version/size/speed of interfaces (IDE/SCSI, COM, USB, Infrared,..), CPU specification, drives (harddisc, CD/DVD), input devices, display, network/graphic/sound cards
    • service manager (smartcard, special keys, bluetooth)
    • make a list of installed software (where you’ll need alternatives)
  • write down all account information
    • WinXP user accounts (if reusable)
    • make a list of ICQ/MSN/Outlook/Messaging.. contacts
    • save account data for e-mail accounts (local e-mail clients)
    • write down network/Internet access information (dns, ip, subnet)
    • save Internet account information (from your browser)
  • save reusable information
    • format usb memory stick with an appropriate file-system (NTFS might not work for Ubuntu, you might want to use FAT32)
    • better is to use a CD or DVD -ROM to guarantee write protection
    • save (if used) personalised infos (programs, games,..)
    • make screenshot of workspace (for familiarization later on)
  • convert file-types
    • Word/Excel files can be opend with OpenOffice
    • Photoshop files can be read with GIMP
    • there will be problems with the formats: mp3,.. in Gobuntu
  • make a backup
    • save the user directories (or the whole system, if you can sacrifice the space)
    • all relevant data you may need again (projects, presentations,..)
  • test live system
  • install your chosen Ubuntu version

Anything I forgot to mention?


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