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Past the end

How does the end of the world look like?

the northernmost point of Europe
This is not the end – just the northernmost point of Europe, but it’s impressive as hell. I assume. It was the 3rd of August and the temperature was about 4 degrees (the Celsius ones). On the right side you’re able to see the Nordkapp cliff draped in fog. This panorama actually consists out of six single pictures. The place is called Knivskjellodden.

Another panorama: this is what Tromsø in Norway looks like at about 2am in the morning. This is out of two pictures shot on the 4th of August. I recommend to click on it to enlarge it a bit more.
Two more panoramas I made out of two and five single pictures. The first is from the hill of crosses in Lithuania. The other one is an extraordinary view from somewhere in the north of Norway and shows hills, rocks, mountains and trees – all one needs – with an awesome fjord in the background.

All pictures were shot with a pretty normal four year old digital camera. The panoramas were generated with the help of Hugin panorama generator which is a nice piece of open source software that can be found here (
The assembling and processing takes a bit of time and some words you wouldn’t teach your children. Nonetheless, it’s worth to play a bit around with the functions for fine tuning.

So much for my so called days off!


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