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Meistens sind wir einfach zu sehr mit uns selbst beschäftigt. Wir regen uns furchtbar über ein Schuhband auf das auf einer Seite zu kurz ist, ohne zu merken, dass wir damit dem andern den Hals abschnüren. Man lacht ja auch gerne über den andern. Denn lachen tut ja schliesslich nicht weh – sagt man. Wer denkt beim zwischenmenschlichen Miteinander schon an das Wohl des anderen? Was ist überhaupt dieses ‘Wohl’? Warum sollen wir uns auch auf etwas konzentrieren wovon wir nichts haben? Die, die jetzt mit Gott, Liebe und dergleichen kommen sollen bitte bei der nächsten Bücherei ganz vorne bei A beginnen und sich melden, wenn sie wissen wo Säuglinge nicht herkommen.

Leben ist Egoismus pur.

Ich könnt’ kotzen! ~ (derStandard-Artikel von Franzobel am 29.09.2008)

Nach der Wahl ist vor der Wahl. Haben wir denn überhaupt eine Wahl? Wenn wir so weiter machen haben wir zumindest bald keinen Wal mehr. Aber Wahlwitze sind momentan walscheinlich eh nicht mehr angebracht. Auf der anderen Seite geht es doch immer irgendwie weiter. Zumindest für irgendwen. Zum Beispiel für die Amerikaner. Die stehen noch immer vor der Wahl; und mit offenem Mund vor der Wal Straße. Vier Tage später quält man sich übrigens auch am andern Ende der Welt.


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“How can I miss you, if you don’t go away?”

And another day went where I only managed to finish the title to a new post. Now, don’t say one-word-titles go easy. It seems like there is no stop on the timetable of the busy train. Does ‘busy’ maybe derive from business? Take some operations, add a thousand documents, put it into some procedures and mix it quickly together. Squeeze it into a small cubicle and press some poor worker on top of it. Dispose the overflowing time into some management boxes. Now just add some additional tasks and meetings and a lot of coffee and watch some existence perish.
But we won’t paint everything black here. Time is the only thing that truly belongs to everyone of us. Whether you do what some strange guys in camouflage dresses tell you to do or just watch a candle burn down. In the end, it’s mainly your decision. If you don’t think it is or want to counter with some life after death ideas, you’d better stick to your religion and stop reading blasphemous blogs.

So you’re still reading? Well, so the message is that you should take your time seriously. You’ll probably regret every second when you’re fifty, have gathered loads of money or knowledge and kiss the box by cardiac arrest. Alright, dead man don’t regret, but in an hypothetical way. It’s important to go wherever and try whatever you want to advance your self-realisation and probably to find some kind of happiness.
Do anything you want, except trying to destroy the world maybe!

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Adapt and flow

Life is full of latency. Some huge parts of our lifetime we only wait for things to happen. We wait for trains to arrive, for food to be cooked, for friends to join, for meetings to begin, for airplanes to start, for partners to peak out. Alright, in some cases it doesn’t really matter to pause for a bit. Nevertheless, quite often we even add our own vulnerability to procrastination to enrich our own variety of idle times.
What we need to understand is how important it is to adapt ourselves to new situations and to make the best out of everything.
Well, if you don’t want to accomplish anything special it’s not really necessary to do something special – I’ll give you that. But as soon as it comes to self-satisfaction, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll have to do something for it.

One needs to realise that dogs can’t be blamed for eating good essays. A scratch on your toe shouldn’t be an excuse for not going for a run. There are even people who stay at home because they feel lonely. I think that’s a good point to question yourself: hey, am I maybe a bit overreacting on my own laziness?
Think about it! Most headaches go away when you concentrate on something else. There is no need to fly yourself if a flight gets delayed, but you can at least make a small concept on a napkin, have a nice talk with a stranger or create a small airport security zone dance.

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.” ~ They Live (1988) – at IMDB
The Large Hadron Collider Rap ~ at YouTube
Black holes? – Where would all the airplanes land? ~ LHC safety on Wikipedia

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