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Sometimes I’m glad that I’m not some sort of language analyst. Or would you like to tell me why awesome can mean ‘some’thing good and awful always has to be terrible. Not to mention the e. Never mind!
Usually it’s bad to start to write just with the inner need to bring words up on a shining display. You may call it some form of desire to create. Then again, most things are started by doing a very different thing. Many Simpsons episodes rely on the concept of a few short stories connected by what often seems like pure accidental thought. Comic writers like Scott Adams create their works by ‘just starting to draw’. Our minds find familiar patterns and thoughts seem to come automatically. It may even look like the results are quite unintentional.

That’s fine and pancake, but it will only make sense and be satisfying when you and your audience find enough connections to other areas they’re familiar with. When the result offers even more relations as imagined, that process can be probably compared with the punchline of a good joke. Mind-altering thoughts are awesome! It’s like realising that wrestling is fake, sex is dirty and a punch in the face actually hurts.


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Blue skies

It’s interesting: It’s not hard to do nothing, if you have to do something – but it’s quite hard to do something, if you got to do nothing at all. Anyway, again I started to write ..well, now it’s been 17 days ago. 17 days ago obviously the skies were full of blue stuff, called “not clouds”. Today, what can I say, it looks more like a milkshake up there. But one with blackberries.
Life is full of distractions or should we say: sometimes between all this things-you-have-to-do there are small breaks where you can be yourself? But wait – I wanted to write about blue skies. Maybe life is like these skies. They are cloudy quite often, but you can be sure up there everything is clear. When you blow away all these distractions everything that matters becomes visible. Blue. Dreams, wishes, targets in you life – everything is up there.

austria, alps, october 2008

The thing is, we can’t do much about these clouds. They will be there if we like it or not. Though, what we shouldn’t forget is what lies beyond. Feel bad when you want to, loose focus when you have to, but be certain of yourself and the blue that’s right above you.
And just for the record: I know, it only looks blue from down here. But, like the postal service would say: “everything looks perfect from far away..”

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I don’t know what to write about. I don’t really like posts or messages starting with ‘I‘, but I don’t like conventions and standards either when it comes to creativity. Well, if you can call writing nonsense creative writing at all. Anyway, I even call my ‘own documents’-directory ‘I‘, so it probably won’t matter. Others would write the f-word more often than I write the I-word in this post – so to the hot springs with it. Nevermind.
I searched for photo applications around the Internet. I wanted to upload some nice pictures and make them available for some nice people. What I looked for should have been simple and maybe provide some features like geotagging, general tagging, recognising of EXIF picture information and maybe support RSS, own directories and such. I compared the advantages and disadvantages of Flickr, Photobucket, Picasaweb, Zooomr and other image hosting services. But I‘ll write about it maybe tomorrow.

Let’s just say for now that I decided to use Picasaweb in the end. The results can be found by the same user (remarkableordinary). And two small examples I‘ll give you right here:

finland, helsinki, suomenlinna islands norway, islands before bodø

I will now use the 21st ‘I‘ now which is the same number of posts I posted for the last year. No, actually I made 70 entries – this is going to be the 71st and it’s the same day in October I started in 2007. Still, 21 and 70 are both numbers you can divide by the prime number 7 – isn’t that remarkable? In fact, not really, but let’s celebrate one year of ordinary nonsense that is in fact so ordinary that it seems a kind of special again. So, there is no time to be desperate, it could be worse. If it couldn’t, I‘d just say ..well, remarkable!

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