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How to love communication

Normally, there is this need for expression that drives one to write. At the moment, I really don’t want to share anything. It’s strange to do things you don’t want to just for some wrong impression of a better feeling. Alright, so you feel bad and don’t want to do anything. Don’t blabber around. Don’t write if you don’t want to.

Three days later..
It’s important to notice when you’re even annoying yourself. Sometimes, there’s nothing to talk about. No, in fact there’s always something, but most of the time it’s just not the right audience we’re talking to. And sure: yourself is your best audience. That’s the reason we should rarely only speak with ourselves. We just wouldn’t notice if we were boring, spoke inarticulately or didn’t process any output signal at all.
To speak to others brings huge benefits. With a lot of our senses we can sense reactions. We can feel that our thoughts can make a difference. Feedback is what we should always care about. Even if we feel ignored it’s a valuable impression. That’s why lectures get better the more often we give them. Except maybe, if the audience stays the same. That is another problem for ourselves which can be helped by changing our own point of view as often but also as aware of it as we possibly can and can be.

Life is an awesome journey between imaginary places.
Communication is our machete, our bridge and our rope.


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Ode to change

The head of one of the biggest political systems changed its colour. For the good or worse, we wouldn’t know beforehand. It’s important to let change happen and to encourage others to stand up for their ideals. As long as these ideals are for a better society and have advantages for our relationships they deserve our support.
It’s horrible to have no opinion whatsoever. Every view and every belief is made up somehow. These ideas have their sources and it makes no sense to deny that. Nobody is without prejudices. Though, what shouldn’t be forgotten is the eventuality to question your own views. Absolutely and blindly defending the own opinion is maybe even worse than having none.

But to the questioning part: exitus acta probat? The costs of the current US election campaigns where higher than ever. Total estimates are at about 5 billion USD. That’s more money than I’d probably ever earn, so I think it’s pretty much. Alright, so the costs for the war in Iraq are at about 600 billion USD (for about 6 years now), who cares there about 5 billion? Then again, there are about 2.7 billion people living on less than 2 USD a day. It’s far from reality to think that saving money at one place would help people in another. Nevertheless, it’s quite hard to understand why for example in Austria the political parties silently can give their full approval to an average raise of their governmental financial support of about 15 percent in comparison to the one for the last administration period. Do I need to mention that, thereby even the 2 biggest parties that lost a lot of their votes still get more money than before?
People don’t rule the world anymore, financial processes do!

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