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Week III

New Zealand – Auckland

There is not much to tell about Auckland. It’s an average and relatively young city. Almost everywhere the people are quite nice, though. It’s rather hot here around February, but the parks and beaches offer nice cooling down by awesome trees and palms.

On my hand, I solved the camera problem by getting a replacement. A Canon Powershot SX 110 IS. It’s quite nice, cause manual adjustable. Still, it’s just a digital camera. I also got a lot of backpacking stuff together. (stove, cooking equipment, gas, maps, universal natural soap, hat – just to name a few)

So to summarize: great parks and nice beach views.
auckland domain jump at okahu beach

So much for civilisation. I’m off with the 0815 bus to the backcountry!

Next stop: Taupo in the early afternoon.


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Update (Week III)

Update (New Zealand – Auckland)

I’ve reached Auckland. Another straining flight within a journey from about 1500 on the 31st to 1800 on the 1st of February. Again, I didn’t really sleep on the plane and neither the night before the flight. I will stay probably till Saturday or Sunday in the city. Not so much to see things, but more to get stuff for hiking and living while being a bit further away from civilisation.

Just for anyone who might be interested, my cost for 15 days in Japan (except the flight) was about 700,- Euro. This included staying in hostels and self-made food one day, while going out to eat – although never really fancy – the other. That’s far from the fear of an all expensive Japan.
Nevertheless, it’s going to be much cheaper from now on.

So that’s Auckland so far.
park nearby guesthouse city view

I’m going to write something at the end of the week. Afterwards, I’ll be taking some time off civilisation. Then it’s going to be just the road, my backpack and me. I’m crazy looking forward to that.

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