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New Zealand – North of the North Island

Last week has been my last week in New Zealand so long. There are far too many other places I haven’t seen yet to just stay there. Not much happened in that week. I finally went up the sky tower. I also went diving one last time at the poor knights islands just before I left for Sydney. These islands are a marine reserve where no fishing is allowed which is awesome for the underwater life. I was able to see a few sting rays, moray eels, clown nudibranchs as well as a lot of other fish. I also walked a few hours through Whangarei where I stayed to see Kauri trees and its waterfalls but that’s about it.

The photos of the last week are added at the end of the last New Zealand album VI. Around poor knights islands from the boat and of the sailing boats..
poor knights islands whangarei harbour

Sydney gave me a wet welcome. I did two jumps, each almost perfect with self-timer and at the first try. Whangarei falls and a short preview of Sydney:
whangarei falls sydney skyline


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Week XI – XII

New Zealand – North Island

After getting a relocation car to go from Wellington to Auckland, I drove up the west coast of the North Island to New Plymouth. First, I stayed another night in Upper Hutt and helped bringing a tree down – thanks, Owen. In New Plymouth, I stayed at the YHA with a new, crazy-but-funny manager and had the whole camping area for myself. I started running and doing some sports again. Cool thing!
Next day I stopped at the Waitomo caves and decided to take a tour before driving on to Hamilton. Interestingly nobody else was there to take part in the tour at 5 pm. So I got a maori guide all for myself. We talked about stuff and I was allowed to take pictures of the cave and it’s glowing worms. Cool thing!
Afterwards I stayed a night in Hamilton. Unfortunately, I arrived quite late. I couldn’t find a hostel but got suddenly invited to camp in the garden of the security-guy I asked for directions. Thanks Tim ..and cool thing!
Back in Auckland I met Lukas and Nora after we overcame their daylight-saving problems. They took me with them on their special-exciting-due-to-first-time-left-lane-driving trip north to Paihia. On our way we went to a fast food restaurant, a toilet in Kawakawa and had a screw-incident. In Paihia I didn’t go to see Kauri trees. Instead I had a closer look at the Rainbow Warrior. That is more remarkable when you know that the ship is to be found at 27 meters below sea level since 1987 – with a great visibility and awesome fish. I also talked to a mewing Parrot named Rocky. Special cool thing!
I headed on south with the two to Rotorua. I didn’t do much there, but we went out for a steak which was my first meat since some time. Then our ways separated again. They were off to the south and I headed back to Auckland to see The Killers in concert. Sweet as!

Now, that’s where I’m still staying – Auckland. But have a look at the cave, toilet and lake Rotorua yourself..

waitomo caves jump at hundertwasser toilet rotorua

The only question left is: are we human or are we dancer? Uh, and before I forget.. next stop: Sydney on the 19th.

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Week IX – X

New Zealand – through the middle of the South Island

It seems like I’m always a bit behind with blogging. On the other hand, you probably wouldn’t believe me, if I’d start to write about future events. Or would you? If you’re good at- or open to other perspectives you may find out which book I’m reading in the current album new zealand V.
Anyway, first after relaxing a few days in the small town Picton, I went to do the Queen Charlotte track. 71 km of best weather and awesome views, but also walking again with a heavy backpack. Afterwards I went to Nelson and further to Greymouth where I took the Transalp train via Arthurs Pass to Christchurch. The train ride was quit nice but a bit overrated and hyped. In Christchurch I decided to rent a car for just a day to head back to Castle Hill, an area with a lot of rocks – boulders famous within the rock climbing community. After a great climbing day and night stay at a campsite nearby, I drove back, returned the car and was off north, to Kaikoura. If I ever got more time I have to go there again – nice people, awesome climbing – sweet as!
In Kaikoura I saw, again, no whales, so I just had a relaxing day reading and basically doing nothing. The next morning brought another bus ride and the ferry from Picton back to the North Island. In Wellington I took part at the Earth hour what everybody should have done.

queen charlotte track castle hill
Pictures: Queen Charlotte Track and Castle Hill.
That’s about all that happened. Shockingly, on the 29th of March, April seemed just a glimpse ahead..

..and I thought about writing of coming back to Europe at the end of this month – but come on, nobody would have believed this April fool hoax anyway.

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