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It’s been a while since I tried to write some potential mind-stimulating words. But, hence there is not much to do after a few months on the road, except the occasional learning, working or exercising of course, there I go..
The anniversary of Christmas, or Xmas for all the hip people, is approaching for all the Christians and modern consumers among you. What took me by surprise is that I do not care about it even a tiniest bit anymore. I am agnostic since years, but it always stayed a kind of get-together for families and friends just shortly before the year-value is increasing. Maybe it has all been far too commercialised. I would say: stripped down to the diapers, Iphone-snapped, photoshopped and uploaded to Facebook. Who would belive it otherwise anyway?

One could argue that this demystification, this growing up is sad, but it actually feels good. It opens the perspective to be above such things as holidays and consumerism. Every need that includes more than pure food, sleep, sex, self-improvement and excretion (in any desired order) is caused either by successful marketing or by far too complex and misleading thoughts of your own. Of course there are more needs. You might even put them into a pyramid like Maslow did. Still, I am sure most of our needs today are built onto a layer I would call something like ‘bonus-effect’. An advertisement example would be: This is the best beer ever! It has zero calories, tastes good as chocolate and you can drink 20 pints of it before regurgitation. You can see the exaggerated problem: every mentioned aspect is pretty cool, but I just do not want my beer to have one of them.

Who knows what we want just because it is shiny, pink or got big eyes?

Peaceful days to you all!


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Dezember. Ein Wort. Ein Monat – unweigerlich mit Schnee verbunden. Zumindest für uns Alpenländler. Die Restlichen besucht zumindest ein ergrauter alter Mann im roten Renntierpelz. Doch halt. Aller Neuestens trägt ebenbesagter Mann Designergewänder und hat seinen Bierbauch gegen ein Sixpack getauscht. Rückverwandlung in reinster Form, quasi. Metrosexuelle Männer haben das Christuskind ersetzt. Wurde früher Geburt gefeiert, geht es mittlerweile nur mehr um zwischenmenschliches Schnicksi-Schnacksi. Aufgeklärte Zeitschrift-Abonnements statt Comic-Heftchen für die Kleinen. Sind sie nicht schon alt – und wir noch immer so jung! Dankt den blauen Pillen neben den Partnerberatungsgutscheinen. Es gibt ja für alle Problemchen schon ein Lösungsmittelchen. Günstig und schnell kann alles im großen weiten Internetz geordert werden. Für die Angabe einiger Nummern lässt sich so manches Wunder erstehen. Mehr Kuststoffkarten braucht die Welt!

Gab es früher ein Land der unbegrenzten Unmöglichkeiten, so gibt es heute eine Welt voller unbegrenztem Unwissen. Dass dabei auch die Sucht nach Macht und Geld kaum Grenzen kennt, lässt sich leicht übersehen – wachsen wir doch so schön in unsere eigens geschaffenen technologischen Erleichterungen hinein. Welches Kind weiß nicht mehr was wir ‘googeln’, ‘downloadn’, ‘chatten’ oder was ‘xxx’ wohl bedeuten könnte. Wir züchten unsere Weihnachtsmänner selbst. An eine Weihnachtsfrau wollen wir da besser gar nicht erst denken. Unsere so gelobte Aufgeklärtheit kann uns nicht nur falsche Bilder in den Kopf setzen. Wir werden was wir uns gegenseitig vorhalten.
Und nicht vergessen: sende eine Weihnachtsmail an alle Freunde oder der Weihnachtsmann verkauft sich auf der nächsten Verkaufsplattform. 3, 2, 1 – Überdosis!

Sarkasmus ist der böse Bruder von Ironie.

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Thinking timeless

A recent article about time stated that time as such may be only an illusion. It has to do with its importance in quantum mechanics and its conformity to the general relativity. Well, lots of science can make the head go round. At the moment, I don’t care much about quantum mechanics. But I care, like most of us, about the 25 days of holiday the same way I care about the daily caffeine intake to make the most out of the other days. So, what is time anyway?
Yesterday I listened to some questions from kids about time and speed on some radio show (Yeah, radio still exists!). One question caught my attention ‘How long can a day be?’. Seems pretty obvious at first sight. When you ponder a bit, you might realise that time can be described as change of one state to another. In a system without any change, it may look as if no time would pass. This means, the more accurate your clock is, the faster your time is passing. That’s maybe one of the reasons I don’t wear any watches.

The reason we invented time was to make synchronisation easier. In order to get the most out of our precious time we try to perfect our timing by making us slaves of an imaginary unit. We call it progress. I call it decreative. What I mean is that every step to rigorous accuracy leads to a loss in the experience of pleasure. A planning for events is more useful than to determine a specific date.
The only place we’ll ever travel to is future, and it’s just a matter of time!

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Thinking and drinking

Ours is a society that has grown itself more belly than beard. Unable to look down on our offspring we grab our next bottle in the misbelief of ignoring as solution to our problems. Laziness and wealth are the reasons leading us into a deep depression and the standstill in our life. It has become more comfortable to sit in a sofa in front of the television than to go outside getting to know others. We drink to overlook the unimportance of problems in TV shows, we only learn to know because of such shows.
Money is earned to use it on entertainment that lets us forget about the troubles we have in earning this money. We would call it failures of existence, if the hangover would not be so tough. We don’t have problems, it’s the others that live in constant desperation.

Admittedly, nothing is as bad as it seems. Alcohol is probably one cause why there are still children born. Young mothers, parents that don’t care, incompetent school systems and stupidity are still essential factors that we don’t face extinction yet. But who wants to live among a mass of suicidal lemmings – except for a lemming. However, before I paint everything black, listen carefully: I would live like a deer among the wolves only to know that I am chased for hunger and not power. I would own power with the direction of my movements. To the power of chased ones, women, thoughts and dark beer.

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In our dreams we’re free

Advertisements show us our dreams. Impossible things might come true. Buy and you’ll see! We might. But we also can, if we don’t buy. Everywhere messages try to trick our minds. ‘Buy three for two’ – nice, but what if you only need one? ‘Cleans so well, you can even remove your bugging friend’ – well, if you had one? ‘Makes you look 10 years younger’ – what would the 14-year old girl say?
The nasty thing is, we can’t really help it. Influence is everywhere. The more underlying and modest, the more dangerous it is. Just think about the small snacks right before the check-out in the stores. Oh, those evil little gifts, almost as cheap as the energy gained by eating them. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Nonsense, we are just lazy and like to have our bellies full and our beer right in front of us.

Things we like don’t last for long. Matters we dislike seem to take for ages. That relies mostly on how much we concentrate on various processes. If we count every second, it might be hardly surprising that it takes all the 107 thousand ..and counting. Where is the connection? Ads try to remind us gently of things we dislike. So what’s my point? Dreams don’t last for long.
Buy two of them, it could be your last day!

November 26, 2007 at 10:51 pm 2 comments

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