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The end of a journey

Well, all good things have an end. I brought you some pictures from Ireland and England at last. So, I’m going to close my world-travel blog section with the following photo from Hyde park.

From british isles

..for now.

Yeah I’ll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.
But there is really nothing, nothing we can do.
Love must be forgotten. Life can always start up anew.

MGMT – time to pretend


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“How can I miss you, if you don’t go away?”

And another day went where I only managed to finish the title to a new post. Now, don’t say one-word-titles go easy. It seems like there is no stop on the timetable of the busy train. Does ‘busy’ maybe derive from business? Take some operations, add a thousand documents, put it into some procedures and mix it quickly together. Squeeze it into a small cubicle and press some poor worker on top of it. Dispose the overflowing time into some management boxes. Now just add some additional tasks and meetings and a lot of coffee and watch some existence perish.
But we won’t paint everything black here. Time is the only thing that truly belongs to everyone of us. Whether you do what some strange guys in camouflage dresses tell you to do or just watch a candle burn down. In the end, it’s mainly your decision. If you don’t think it is or want to counter with some life after death ideas, you’d better stick to your religion and stop reading blasphemous blogs.

So you’re still reading? Well, so the message is that you should take your time seriously. You’ll probably regret every second when you’re fifty, have gathered loads of money or knowledge and kiss the box by cardiac arrest. Alright, dead man don’t regret, but in an hypothetical way. It’s important to go wherever and try whatever you want to advance your self-realisation and probably to find some kind of happiness.
Do anything you want, except trying to destroy the world maybe!

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How to solve problem-free situations

As you may have realised about 50 postings later, these texts are not about real problems. Most of these statements are meant to help to concentrate on our own greatest fault: the imaginary creation of problems where there are none. They are thought to show, quite plainly and maybe in an a bit exaggerated way, the simplicity of most things without our complex thinking overhead. Some might call that satiric. Well, to be honest, I’d like to go a bit with Oscar Wilde who said “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you”.
Alright, this is the 49th post; the last of the 7th series with seven texts per series, each from 200 to 300 words. So much for the statistics. Now, I could ask if it’s fun to read for anyone else besides myself. Or maybe, if another mind can understand or even enjoy such sentences like the one where I compare courage to a blind fly in the previous post How to run on caffeine.

Are the hours of sweating brain waves, producing more firing neurons than rockets in New York city – on New Year’s Eve – for such punchlines like used in In the dark shadows die appreciated or even noticed? Don’t worry, I won’t ask. Nevertheless, I really value every comment – except those about cheap Viagra and other tasty pills, those bastards never deliver. Anyway, if you got something to say, say it, or else stop making noise.
Once the crisis got out of your hands, you can stop worrying!

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Things with the useless factor

When you find a new ‘something’, the chances that it is junk are pretty high. In fact, take the world wide crap. Probably 99 per cent of it is useless waste. A waste of money and time. Take this blog. It even features unessential mental trash. I assume you could even fill a whole dictionary with synonyms for rubbish.
On the bright side, it shows where our civilisation is heading. The Inuit got 8 hundred words for snow, we got them for our garbage. Alright, it’s a never-ending hoax, they only have as much as any other language knows. But that’s not the point.

All goes back to Mr Human – the hunter and collector. Personally, I doubt the hunter feature as humans seem too lazy to me since right from the start. However, I really trust in the collection business of mankind. I mean, look at eBay and weird burned bread, old chewing gum or whatsoever. Everybody collects things that would be useless without the personal context. Example: take nuts, leave the squirrel, add a nut allergic and again, add an angry wife with lust to kill. Even nuts make sense.

So the context is the key to success. Change it and you got a whole lot of new opportunities – or a ton of crap.
Sell your fallen out hair as medicine!

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