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Senses of balance

There are numerous reasons why challenging yourself is fun. For one, there is the part where you may achieve something you didn’t know you were able to. That usually comes as a pleasant surprise, which itself is good for your own self-esteem. Another thing is the knowledge new experiences come packed with. The better you know your own reactions, the better your self-assessments are going to work for new situations.
In case of my own last weekend I’d like to note some things about scuba diving. First of all, it’s awesome to move freely around in every possible direction. Anyway, there is this feeling when you turn around in foggy waters and enter this state where you are unable to make out any direction or reference point anymore. That’s my first uneasy feeling. The second one is when you dive lower, let’s say to 20 meters, and imagine the height of water by comparison to the height of some building you know in the same size above your shoulders. That’s just a freaking amount of water and thus, a lot of pressure, if you get what I mean. The last thing is the silence you may experience when you slowly breath in and nothing around you moves or makes any noise.
All of these sensations are not bad, they are just interesting to experience and may take a little bit to accept.

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Colourless – Story Part II

Pictures flashed in front of me. I had seen this face before. His face. These frightful but fascinating eyes seemed like there was no life beyond their long lost colours. Empty and without any expression they gazed at mine. The only fear I could have found in the reflexions within his eyes. Reality faded. I was lost.
Nervous. I had to make it in time. The name of the street was not on the map. A grey folder glided through my fingers, slipping slowly along the roof of the silver car I stepped out seconds ago. It fell to the slobbery ground freeing the files from inside to the outside world. After awaking out of confusion, I looked up from the map directly into a men with dark sunglasses wearing an even darker coat. He collected the stranded files and returned the folder without speaking any word. Then he hastily went away. This was the first time we met.

A restaurant; another meeting place in a nameless city. After pushing myself tiredly out of the rental car, I got almost knocked over. I hardly prevented myself from falling by catching the car door which was still open. Only for a moment his face was right there. I could see the acceptance of his own doom. There was no fear, but greater tiredness than one mind could probably bear. He was holding a gun in his left hand. It was him. This was the second time. It began to snow.
Sorry, he said.
This was my final thought!

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Colourless – Story Part I

Time froze. Her facial expression got tense. So did every muscle in her body. As she held her breath her heart seemed to beat as fast as it could. It appeared to be the only part in this world ignoring the stop. The place filled with a deadly silence. Nighttime put everything into a black coat. Rain clouds and mist killed off even the little light the scrawny moon would possibly reflect. In the small cone, the street light threw at her right eye and cheek, I could notice her pain.
I came closer. Despite the puddles of water all over the street my feet did not make any sound. I felt the heaviness of my coat while I was moving. I thought about the sins I committed and their weight sucking me down, deeper and deeper into the darkness. Yet, I was stronger.

I bent over her. Her hair had the colour of dark red roses. Her skin was pale like cherry blossoms and her lips shined like fresh blood. By looking in the middle of her eyes I could find myself surprised about the fascinating blue I was covered in. At this time, I was able to measure the full dimension of her sorrow. It was cold enough to see her last breath dispersing into the dark. A cloud released some light of earth’s oldest satellite. Suddenly, the focus of her eyes met mine.
Now, she remembered!

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How to run on caffeine

Every movement freezes in your mind. Actions become series of pictures. You feel widely awake and at the same time completely numb to direct influences on yourself. The drugs produced by your body are floating your blood circulation. When you think, time stops. Your heart pumps like it tries to drown out your breaths. All muscles and tendons are tense. Your thoughts focus at the current place and time. Everything is under your control. One blink to crush the city; one thought to destroy the world.
At this state, unexpected events are often the stinging pain of reality. Nothing happens without reason. But what if we can’t find the reasons? Does reality jab you in your back? One thing is for sure: you could process a thousand pictures a second; if the flapper comes when unexpected, it won’t help at all.

The question is not: to drink or not to drink. Rather, you should ask yourself: are you fly enough to open your wings even if the light at the end of the tunnel could meet up with you halfway with a hundred miles per hour? Regret only exists in life. What drives you when you bear that in mind? Is it yesterday’s memory, the thought of tomorrow, or the possibility of none?
Sugar makes your heartbeat sweeter!

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You got one of a sentence

Inevitable a mass is condemned to disintegrate into sparks of matter daring the insubstantiality of nothing but space, only to search for refuge at its own kind to build up new patterns of something else, and thus trying to satisfy its need for being special whereas the specification that would make it special is the same for everything of the same kind making it even more ordinary than the existence of nothing else, which leaves the feeling of an useless search for a meaning, regardless of the fact that a meaning could only make sense with the knowledge of everything as well as of its underlying condition called nothing at all.

I’m going to give it up here. I don’t want to give away every secret life offers. Honestly, one has to go far just to find out who he or she really is and where one belongs to. Maybe we won’t find it out at all. But does it really matter? Shouldn’t we enjoy every single thing even if it only leaves a bitter taste in your mouth? Every moment is worth breathing air into your lungs like it would be the one single really existing matter filling us with something we would call hope for finding more. More that’s waiting for us, out of our current sight, but knowing that we’re coming to taste it like it was the rain after running a marathon.
Knowledge is the weight on your shoulders just like it is your parachute!

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To talk about sex

There is one way to popularity. Talk about something everybody is interested in. Let’s see: endangered animals? – sad, but no; their preparation for dinner? – probably also not the best idea; sexual diseases? – uhm, better; sex? – jackpot!
Let’s talk about one among nature’s favourite processes: reproduction.
He was standing right behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her right cheek. His nose was about to touch her ear gently while his hands slowly ..Alright, you see tension and details are the way to get the attention of your audience. Wisely used you can make almost any topic subconsciously about two bodies with one common goal. This can be quite helpful as sometimes you just need somebody to listen carefully.
For example when you’re told the safety instructions in the aircraft. Oh wait, nobody ever listens? I have to admit, the comparison of airplane safety information and sex is not an easy task, but let’s give it a try.

While our turbines are heating up, I’ll give you the instructions how to handle our hot situations. In case of fast descent and danger of getting wet, there are protective coats beneath your current position. If your breath gets as hard as ours, reach upwards to grab one of our air supplies and press it onto your nose and lips. When coming down, crouch and hold on to us firm. As soon as we’re down, follow the signals on our bottom to the next way out and slide out gently.
If you’re still smoking, we’re too!

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In the line of desire

The last time I talked longer than a minute to someone, I realised something once more. As soon as you realise that you won’t get money, power or sex out of someone’s statements, they might become plain, boring word constructs. So why talk to some mate about anything if he cannot be considered as potential sexual partner, assuming that there are relatively small chances of a nice sister – or brother if you’d prefer, he or she wants to introduce to you.
Once there was Mr Pavlov. I’m not talking about his dog or the book Brave New World, which I regardless would recommend to anybody. Actually, I don’t even want to talk about him at all, but about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If you can tell me the connection between both psychologists you will be rewarded with one of the cookies I might receive due to my last posting.

The hierarchy of needs is an important concept you have to understand to accept yourself the way you are and to find your own definition of happiness. I don’t say I agree to the whole concept, but it seems like a headstone to many aspects of life. It also eases conducting conversations. If you see someone going to the toilet, one of the lowest needs and thus weightiest, it’s probably the worst possible moment to talk about your own song-writing creativity which would be on top of the hierarchy. For me, the most important lesson to learn is the following: any attempt to satisfy your top need of self-realisation when you lack fulfilment in your lower needs like security, sleep or sexual intimacy, is most likely going to fail.
Make the lowest issue ‘breathing’ your top priority!

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