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Fiji – around Viti Levu

Somehow, I lost a week. Just kidding – I’m not very time consistent and thus write this for what happened in the last two weeks. Well, soon I’ll be off to Hawaii and by crossing the date line I’ll get myself a day back. I’m going to stay there till the seventh of July, heading further to Seattle afterwards.

Back on Fijis biggest island Viti Levu I went on a few day trips before making my way down to the coral coast and pacific harbour. There the shark dive I intended to do was almost washed away by lots of rain. I managed to go diving one day later and although the visibility was not the best and I’m not a big fan of just diving down and watch dangerous animals being fed, it was a really good dive. We saw grey, black- and white tip reef sharks, a lot of bull sharks, a nurse shark and masses of other fish.
I did a bit of jungle walking, reading and snorkeling – where I managed to see a small sting ray, a sea turtle, two white-tip reef sharks and to dive up an old mask and snorkel.

For the optical documentation I leave you with orchids, fire dances, coconut trees, mud and kids ..while I try to figure out what I have and have not do to get into the US.

orchids girl fire dance
coconut tree climbing mud and playing kids


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New Zealand – North of the North Island

Last week has been my last week in New Zealand so long. There are far too many other places I haven’t seen yet to just stay there. Not much happened in that week. I finally went up the sky tower. I also went diving one last time at the poor knights islands just before I left for Sydney. These islands are a marine reserve where no fishing is allowed which is awesome for the underwater life. I was able to see a few sting rays, moray eels, clown nudibranchs as well as a lot of other fish. I also walked a few hours through Whangarei where I stayed to see Kauri trees and its waterfalls but that’s about it.

The photos of the last week are added at the end of the last New Zealand album VI. Around poor knights islands from the boat and of the sailing boats..
poor knights islands whangarei harbour

Sydney gave me a wet welcome. I did two jumps, each almost perfect with self-timer and at the first try. Whangarei falls and a short preview of Sydney:
whangarei falls sydney skyline

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Senses of balance

There are numerous reasons why challenging yourself is fun. For one, there is the part where you may achieve something you didn’t know you were able to. That usually comes as a pleasant surprise, which itself is good for your own self-esteem. Another thing is the knowledge new experiences come packed with. The better you know your own reactions, the better your self-assessments are going to work for new situations.
In case of my own last weekend I’d like to note some things about scuba diving. First of all, it’s awesome to move freely around in every possible direction. Anyway, there is this feeling when you turn around in foggy waters and enter this state where you are unable to make out any direction or reference point anymore. That’s my first uneasy feeling. The second one is when you dive lower, let’s say to 20 meters, and imagine the height of water by comparison to the height of some building you know in the same size above your shoulders. That’s just a freaking amount of water and thus, a lot of pressure, if you get what I mean. The last thing is the silence you may experience when you slowly breath in and nothing around you moves or makes any noise.
All of these sensations are not bad, they are just interesting to experience and may take a little bit to accept.

Underwater Communication ~ How-To Communicate Underwater
Diving Signals ~ Scuba Diving Signals, Wiki Diving Signals
Sign Language ~ NZSL

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Bending times

“Inmitten der Schwierigkeit liegt die Möglichkeit” – Albert Einstein

So, I’ve been climbing again, after months of waiting for some shoulder to get itself together. And there it was: sweet painful reality. Even now, two days later I can feel every muscle mourning about the old lazy times. But it won’t help a thing. As it’s getting warmer, every sense is screaming for action.
Let’s rock! Free running and climbing this weekend, diving and maybe cycling the next one. To be honest, strain, some pain and the relaxing afterwards do in fact really feel good. Everybody needs to be exhausted from time to time. That makes you value the silent and maybe boring times on your favourite couch and eventually the office duty too.
Breathing is fun – running is freedom – life is burning into energy.

Running ~ Parkour in Vienna
Action ~ Parkour in Derby

The Morning Benders – Borded Doors ~ at MySpace
The Morning Benders – Crosseyed ~ at YouTube

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Mondays for sale

“Das Lebn is wia a Guglhupf. Aussen knusprig, dann schön weich, aber in der Mittn is trotzdem nix!”

Arbeitstage deren Anfang eine Qual darstellen und deren Ende im Aufgeben bestehen, sind wie harte Walnüsse deren Inhalt bereits vor Jahren die Farbe verlor. Zugegeben, Anspruch ist wichtig, aber auf die Dummheit der anderen Rücksicht nehmen zu müssen, ist durchaus etwas bedrückend.
Wenn somit zusätzlich das Gewicht andrer Leute getragen werden soll, so kann dies durchaus zu Gleichgewichtsstörungen führen. Schnürt es einem dann zusätzlich noch den Hals im wahrsten Sinne zu, kann es schon vorkommen, dass dem Körper mittels Carotid Sinus Reflex erhöhter Blutdruck simuliert wird. Der Körper – vom Bluthochdruck entsetzt – versucht dann diesen zu verringern, was in höheren Körperregionen zu Sauerstoffmangel führt. Das hat dann schon einmal Bewusstseinsverlust und ähnliche Unannehmlichkeiten zur Folge. Man sollte daher beim Tauchen mit Halsmanschette wie auch bei Strangulationen eher vorsichtig sein.

Garfield 2008-05-05

Guglhupf – something to eat
Carotid Sinus – death by mistake

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When to dive into cold waters

Sometimes, a single decision can be quite a tough task to handle. Even if it’s just the question to jump into the water or to let it be. Just think of adding one, two degrees of temperature, a bit snow and an already wet diving suit. One problem is, you’ll get cold feet either way you decide. Anyway, in the water not only the fish will wonder why you’re doing this.
Is it better to stay out of trouble? Maybe when it comes to an issue of life and death, but on the other hand you’ll miss an adventure not many can tell of. Still, making decisions based on future maybe-stories is probably a silly idea. Silly, because you could save yourself the trouble and still tell everybody about it later, like it really happened. Nevertheless, almost every time it’s best to decide, even if you might realise it was a bad decision afterwards. Because, hey, no decision in front of a hungry lion and you might lose your head twice. Speaking of, it’s easy said, but screaming might help at least of all. Particularly underwater. But also everywhere else, I think. It might just help to get attention of the wrong type of animal.

After all, decisions help us to evolve in life. Except you decide to move backwards eventually. Nevertheless, even moving backwards can make us better – at backwards-walking, or may help us to turn in the right direction. Whatever you do, don’t try to meet your maker, cause that’s a pretty huge step in any direction.
Don’t yell at fish.

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