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When to dive into cold waters

Sometimes, a single decision can be quite a tough task to handle. Even if it’s just the question to jump into the water or to let it be. Just think of adding one, two degrees of temperature, a bit snow and an already wet diving suit. One problem is, you’ll get cold feet either way you decide. Anyway, in the water not only the fish will wonder why you’re doing this.
Is it better to stay out of trouble? Maybe when it comes to an issue of life and death, but on the other hand you’ll miss an adventure not many can tell of. Still, making decisions based on future maybe-stories is probably a silly idea. Silly, because you could save yourself the trouble and still tell everybody about it later, like it really happened. Nevertheless, almost every time it’s best to decide, even if you might realise it was a bad decision afterwards. Because, hey, no decision in front of a hungry lion and you might lose your head twice. Speaking of, it’s easy said, but screaming might help at least of all. Particularly underwater. But also everywhere else, I think. It might just help to get attention of the wrong type of animal.

After all, decisions help us to evolve in life. Except you decide to move backwards eventually. Nevertheless, even moving backwards can make us better – at backwards-walking, or may help us to turn in the right direction. Whatever you do, don’t try to meet your maker, cause that’s a pretty huge step in any direction.
Don’t yell at fish.


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When the fish stops smelling

You might think it’s bad when fish starts to smell. But it’s usually worse when it stops to. The reason is that we’re used to the odour of ourselves. If something starts to smell, something is wrong ..or you forgot about the biological kitchen waste. When it stops without a reason, like you getting rid of the waste, it means that something happened and you might not realise it because you’re used to the not-smelling of nothing-wrong.
This is where it gets a bit complicated.
The problem is, when something seems right, its most of the time just pretending to be right. Master in this discipline is the modern human. Some even get away by only pretending to be someone else. Actors for example. Some live good by simulating knowledge in time, functions and people. Take some managers. The whole stock market is based on theoretical values.

Whom can you really trust? Maybe shrinks, pretending to know what we’re thinking? This issue goes even deeper. In the end everybody only does what he thinks is best for him. Seems nice if you support freedom of opinion and so on. The troubles start as soon as you want something different as your plumber. So, you pay people to want the same as you do?
Sometimes it’s not the fish that smells!

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Things you don’t want to do

Some people call what they do and don’t like work, and what they like to do fun. I think that’s just wrong. If you’d prefer to do something else, you would actually do that. It’s just that so many components play a part in the whole ‘things’ game that you wouldn’t decide to go fishing instead of work. Not only because I hate fishing – I’d really prefer it, if my work would be sitting in a bank counting money. No, its because we like working. We like it even if we don’t say it out loud.
People love getting money, to bore themselves to death or to flush their hearts by stress. Which jackass is not proud to say ‘sorry, busy right now’. Busy my ass!

Don’t get me wrong. I by myself like my work. But I’m pretty sure I also like everything else I do, otherwise I would find a way to prevent myself from doing it. I mean, washing socks is really annoying. Then again, sometimes I’m happy when I don’t have to place them next to my shoes in an upright position. This reminds me, evolution did a great job on placing our feet and nose at a maximum distance to each other.
Anyway, maybe we don’t do everything with pleasure 7 days a week. Nevertheless we more or less like what we’re doing and so use our emotions to use others.
Not even shellfish is as selfish as man is!
(I’d really like a medal for today’s bottom line)

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