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It’s been a while since I tried to write some potential mind-stimulating words. But, hence there is not much to do after a few months on the road, except the occasional learning, working or exercising of course, there I go..
The anniversary of Christmas, or Xmas for all the hip people, is approaching for all the Christians and modern consumers among you. What took me by surprise is that I do not care about it even a tiniest bit anymore. I am agnostic since years, but it always stayed a kind of get-together for families and friends just shortly before the year-value is increasing. Maybe it has all been far too commercialised. I would say: stripped down to the diapers, Iphone-snapped, photoshopped and uploaded to Facebook. Who would belive it otherwise anyway?

One could argue that this demystification, this growing up is sad, but it actually feels good. It opens the perspective to be above such things as holidays and consumerism. Every need that includes more than pure food, sleep, sex, self-improvement and excretion (in any desired order) is caused either by successful marketing or by far too complex and misleading thoughts of your own. Of course there are more needs. You might even put them into a pyramid like Maslow did. Still, I am sure most of our needs today are built onto a layer I would call something like ‘bonus-effect’. An advertisement example would be: This is the best beer ever! It has zero calories, tastes good as chocolate and you can drink 20 pints of it before regurgitation. You can see the exaggerated problem: every mentioned aspect is pretty cool, but I just do not want my beer to have one of them.

Who knows what we want just because it is shiny, pink or got big eyes?

Peaceful days to you all!


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Ireland and England

I am back!
After 256 days of travelling the trip has come to ..let’s say a break. The last week I spent in Ireland and England. Most of the week, I stayed in the capital city Dublin. I guess I can’t really say I’ve been to Ireland since I only spent one day on the countryside, but that’s good for now. Dublin was like everyone expects: rainy but not really wet, cloudy but not really dark and chilly but not really cold. Nevertheless, I was back to Europe and it felt a bit depressing. Something that was quite easy to solve by visiting one of the many pubs – or more..

There will be photos as soon as I’ve solved my temporary living and Internet situation. For now, I have to say it feels awesome to eat dark bread – and, of course, to see my family and friends again.

Lots of plans await my realisation – or at least my tries to. Enthusiastic times – even though the weather gave me a hit on the head (including snowy things). Well, if all else fails, next stop: Mexico!

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Adapt and flow

Life is full of latency. Some huge parts of our lifetime we only wait for things to happen. We wait for trains to arrive, for food to be cooked, for friends to join, for meetings to begin, for airplanes to start, for partners to peak out. Alright, in some cases it doesn’t really matter to pause for a bit. Nevertheless, quite often we even add our own vulnerability to procrastination to enrich our own variety of idle times.
What we need to understand is how important it is to adapt ourselves to new situations and to make the best out of everything.
Well, if you don’t want to accomplish anything special it’s not really necessary to do something special – I’ll give you that. But as soon as it comes to self-satisfaction, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll have to do something for it.

One needs to realise that dogs can’t be blamed for eating good essays. A scratch on your toe shouldn’t be an excuse for not going for a run. There are even people who stay at home because they feel lonely. I think that’s a good point to question yourself: hey, am I maybe a bit overreacting on my own laziness?
Think about it! Most headaches go away when you concentrate on something else. There is no need to fly yourself if a flight gets delayed, but you can at least make a small concept on a napkin, have a nice talk with a stranger or create a small airport security zone dance.

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.” ~ They Live (1988) – at IMDB
The Large Hadron Collider Rap ~ at YouTube
Black holes? – Where would all the airplanes land? ~ LHC safety on Wikipedia

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Spontaneous things

Things that catch you off guard can be quite frightful. Nevertheless, half of the time, such actions are rather fun to do or to watch. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really make sense to list a bunch of things that are spontaneous. Cause, you know, by setting the time, preparing everything and writing scripts for everybody you kind of rip the spontan-part apart.
So I’m going to explain the general situation.
The important things to know are the following. Try to stay aware of your current situation and be a part of the conversation, game or happening. If you don’t, you’ll only end up telling jokes at funerals, dancing naked at parties or destroying someones property. All those things might be funny, but they’ve all happened much too often before and are most of the time remembered with some kind of bitter taste or criminal record. Secondly, notice abnormalities and think ahead. That’s not an easy task, but by practising a lot you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll need this not only to make an equivocal comment, but also to provide the excuse for this ‘accidental’ slip afterwards.

Never push or try to insist on some statement. If your audience fails to notice, you should probably either. Don’t explain jokes or simple actions. There is no need for that and besides, you’ll only destroy the eous-part too. What you should definitely do is to encourage others to improvise as well. Having fun together is just everything hedonism is about. Most promising are: video camera, one day free time, unforced meetings, good friends, relaxation zones like parks and a lot of space.

For ideas see various online video/photo/social platforms.
All you old-fashioned people: read books, or get a life, and then read books!

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