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Ode to change

The head of one of the biggest political systems changed its colour. For the good or worse, we wouldn’t know beforehand. It’s important to let change happen and to encourage others to stand up for their ideals. As long as these ideals are for a better society and have advantages for our relationships they deserve our support.
It’s horrible to have no opinion whatsoever. Every view and every belief is made up somehow. These ideas have their sources and it makes no sense to deny that. Nobody is without prejudices. Though, what shouldn’t be forgotten is the eventuality to question your own views. Absolutely and blindly defending the own opinion is maybe even worse than having none.

But to the questioning part: exitus acta probat? The costs of the current US election campaigns where higher than ever. Total estimates are at about 5 billion USD. That’s more money than I’d probably ever earn, so I think it’s pretty much. Alright, so the costs for the war in Iraq are at about 600 billion USD (for about 6 years now), who cares there about 5 billion? Then again, there are about 2.7 billion people living on less than 2 USD a day. It’s far from reality to think that saving money at one place would help people in another. Nevertheless, it’s quite hard to understand why for example in Austria the political parties silently can give their full approval to an average raise of their governmental financial support of about 15 percent in comparison to the one for the last administration period. Do I need to mention that, thereby even the 2 biggest parties that lost a lot of their votes still get more money than before?
People don’t rule the world anymore, financial processes do!


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Meistens sind wir einfach zu sehr mit uns selbst beschäftigt. Wir regen uns furchtbar über ein Schuhband auf das auf einer Seite zu kurz ist, ohne zu merken, dass wir damit dem andern den Hals abschnüren. Man lacht ja auch gerne über den andern. Denn lachen tut ja schliesslich nicht weh – sagt man. Wer denkt beim zwischenmenschlichen Miteinander schon an das Wohl des anderen? Was ist überhaupt dieses ‘Wohl’? Warum sollen wir uns auch auf etwas konzentrieren wovon wir nichts haben? Die, die jetzt mit Gott, Liebe und dergleichen kommen sollen bitte bei der nächsten Bücherei ganz vorne bei A beginnen und sich melden, wenn sie wissen wo Säuglinge nicht herkommen.

Leben ist Egoismus pur.

Ich könnt’ kotzen! ~ (derStandard-Artikel von Franzobel am 29.09.2008)

Nach der Wahl ist vor der Wahl. Haben wir denn überhaupt eine Wahl? Wenn wir so weiter machen haben wir zumindest bald keinen Wal mehr. Aber Wahlwitze sind momentan walscheinlich eh nicht mehr angebracht. Auf der anderen Seite geht es doch immer irgendwie weiter. Zumindest für irgendwen. Zum Beispiel für die Amerikaner. Die stehen noch immer vor der Wahl; und mit offenem Mund vor der Wal Straße. Vier Tage später quält man sich übrigens auch am andern Ende der Welt.

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Natural selection

“Books must follow sciences, and not sciences books.” – Francis Bacon (unsourced)

It’s 1858. It’s a man called Charles Darwin. He did not even attend, cause of the death of his son by scarlet fever. But it was a presentation with this title: On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection, that was meant to shape our perception of this thing called evolution. (read online: The Origin of Species)

There was the theory of evolution and there were the facts and observations to see this theory scientifically plausible and thus officially recognised over time. What I find a kind of interesting is, that there shouldn’t be a question about evolution as there is none about gravity. That means, a human with a body that has a higher density and weight as water will sink. And regardless of all the proofs, some try to defend their theories where worlds are created within days, people walk over water and fish are multiplied by kind words. No going over water – won’t work! It’s simply not going to happen!
And so, they think that they should cement evolution by creating examples, parables and so on. But what they don’t understand is that people who believe in ghosts, afterlifes, hellfires and living in heaven after giving money to a ‘pope’ in a golden robe, won’t really act rational to fundamental research either.

Anyway, it’s the 18-month Darwin-year starting today (150-years since the first-publication) until Darwin’s 200th birthday on the 12th February 2009. Hurray!

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How to choose your religion

Which denomination is best? Which community offers most? The ones that promise salvation after you die or the ones giving absolution to you for a specific amount of money during your lifetime? It’s a serious question. What do you want to face after your life ends? Maybe you want to look forward to 27 virgins in heaven, 27 spankers in hell or even worse: reincarnation.
Don’t forget the conditions. Read the small printed or stone engraved carefully! Who knows if there is a possibility to complain afterwards. They might just respond with ‘Come on, you really thought there are 27 virgins up here’. You’d better gain deep insights into some sects as well. They sometimes offer a hell – sorry – a lot of freebies. Tell me if you find any with one-sin-free offers.

In case it is required: what does it even mean to really believe in something? It probably means to have faith. You should neither question nor doubt your religion. For me, right that’s a huge problem. To question everything is important as it’s the only way to grow and become an individual person with a stable and fresh mind. Change is good and necessary! I think that’s also the reason those old, dusty religions are doing not really well nowadays. In an ever faster moving world it’s quite essential to keep it up.
Forget denominations without funny paragraphs – cause, come on: life is fun!

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Thinking and drinking

Ours is a society that has grown itself more belly than beard. Unable to look down on our offspring we grab our next bottle in the misbelief of ignoring as solution to our problems. Laziness and wealth are the reasons leading us into a deep depression and the standstill in our life. It has become more comfortable to sit in a sofa in front of the television than to go outside getting to know others. We drink to overlook the unimportance of problems in TV shows, we only learn to know because of such shows.
Money is earned to use it on entertainment that lets us forget about the troubles we have in earning this money. We would call it failures of existence, if the hangover would not be so tough. We don’t have problems, it’s the others that live in constant desperation.

Admittedly, nothing is as bad as it seems. Alcohol is probably one cause why there are still children born. Young mothers, parents that don’t care, incompetent school systems and stupidity are still essential factors that we don’t face extinction yet. But who wants to live among a mass of suicidal lemmings – except for a lemming. However, before I paint everything black, listen carefully: I would live like a deer among the wolves only to know that I am chased for hunger and not power. I would own power with the direction of my movements. To the power of chased ones, women, thoughts and dark beer.

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To know what you want

How do you make the right decisions about your future? How to decide if you want to study or start working, to start a family or to climb the business ladder, to go abroad or to settle down? Such choices influence probably a period of five to 10 years of your life. When you think about children the commitment lasts even longer. (Even without commitment the monetary issues will hound you!) So shall we write a chart with all positives and negatives or just hand over the steering wheel to our guts?
I think a lot of truth goes down the toilet, so your digestive tracts are pretty good as it comes to the small questions in life. But when it’s about the massive questions, I think you’re doing good in investing as much time as possible to evaluate the various outcomes. Sometimes it’s helpful to ask people you don’t know well. They don’t care much about your feelings, which is the reason they will tell you their opinion for sure most of the time.

Another suggestion is to tell your questions as what they are – just questions, but not as crucial points and the ‘big search for a solution’. Most people couldn’t even imagine the situation you’re actually in, so why bother them with your core issues. Also, why should you bother yourself with hours of answers you could make abstract movies out of nobody would want to watch instead of taking sleeping pills?
yvan eht nioJ!

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Things you don’t want to do

Some people call what they do and don’t like work, and what they like to do fun. I think that’s just wrong. If you’d prefer to do something else, you would actually do that. It’s just that so many components play a part in the whole ‘things’ game that you wouldn’t decide to go fishing instead of work. Not only because I hate fishing – I’d really prefer it, if my work would be sitting in a bank counting money. No, its because we like working. We like it even if we don’t say it out loud.
People love getting money, to bore themselves to death or to flush their hearts by stress. Which jackass is not proud to say ‘sorry, busy right now’. Busy my ass!

Don’t get me wrong. I by myself like my work. But I’m pretty sure I also like everything else I do, otherwise I would find a way to prevent myself from doing it. I mean, washing socks is really annoying. Then again, sometimes I’m happy when I don’t have to place them next to my shoes in an upright position. This reminds me, evolution did a great job on placing our feet and nose at a maximum distance to each other.
Anyway, maybe we don’t do everything with pleasure 7 days a week. Nevertheless we more or less like what we’re doing and so use our emotions to use others.
Not even shellfish is as selfish as man is!
(I’d really like a medal for today’s bottom line)

October 6, 2007 at 6:08 pm 3 comments

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