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Week XX – XXI

Fiji – Nadi and Yasawa Islands

Walking barefoot through sand (and dead corals – ouch!), taking only cold showers (caused by the lack of hot water), a lot of fresh fruits like pawpaw (Papaya – more vitamin c than a couple of apples), pineapples and bananas, generator powered electricity that is sometimes down, snorkeling with reef sharks and manta rays – and cutting the feet on slippery paths. All that describes the island life quite well.
At first, it might seem as there is little to do in these small paradises, but there’s always more than just lying at the beach in the sun. Although, just relaxing in a most comfortable hammock with some ice cream and a bottle of water, a good book and the view below palm trees onto the sea is one of the most chilled out things I’ve ever done. So what else did I do? I learned card tricks, card games (I admit, most of them were drinking games), improved in kayaking, snorkeling, walking on almost anything barefoot, managed to read a book and to start a new one – come on, that’s a lot in two weeks. Further, I took part in social kava drinking, talking and making music with local people which is so much enjoyable and missing in most ‘modern’ cultures.

Chronological.. After arriving in Nadi, where I stayed two days to get used to the different environment, I booked a travel and accommodation pass and went on to the so called Yasawa island group in the West of the country. I stayed at Beachcomber island, went further up to Kuata, Korovou and the Coral View resort – in the northernmost part of the islands. Afterwards, I was heading down again with stops at Manta Ray Island and South Sea Island – the smallest, where it took about five minutes to walk around the island – at low-tide. Every island was quite different and since the meals are included in the accommodation (since there are no shops on the islands to buy stuff) and most of the resort offer some additional evening program like fire dances and local music, it is not that expensive as it may seem and well worth the value.

I’m back in Nadi and will do some stuff around here and most likely head over to the south of the mainland, the Coral Cost, for a few days before I’m going to leave Fiji and fly over to Hawaii in about a week. Take a look at the Yasawa Island life, sunsets and fire-dancing..
Yasawa Islands young Fijian

fire-dancing island sunset


June 17, 2009 at 12:54 am 3 comments

Bending times

“Inmitten der Schwierigkeit liegt die Möglichkeit” – Albert Einstein

So, I’ve been climbing again, after months of waiting for some shoulder to get itself together. And there it was: sweet painful reality. Even now, two days later I can feel every muscle mourning about the old lazy times. But it won’t help a thing. As it’s getting warmer, every sense is screaming for action.
Let’s rock! Free running and climbing this weekend, diving and maybe cycling the next one. To be honest, strain, some pain and the relaxing afterwards do in fact really feel good. Everybody needs to be exhausted from time to time. That makes you value the silent and maybe boring times on your favourite couch and eventually the office duty too.
Breathing is fun – running is freedom – life is burning into energy.

Running ~ Parkour in Vienna
Action ~ Parkour in Derby

The Morning Benders – Borded Doors ~ at MySpace
The Morning Benders – Crosseyed ~ at YouTube

May 9, 2008 at 6:05 pm 2 comments

Life is change

“wos irgendwer denkt is ma irgendwie wurscht”

Due to current decisions I’m going to change the way I write. From now on, I’ll write less philosopical, more based on actual and current events and hopefully more often. The posts will stay short, maybe some pictures will complement these thought-snips. This will reduce the time needed for those entries and maybe their quality – well, not really.

Ubuntu 8.04 is out!
“All operating systems include stuff you’ll never use.
For example, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS includes an easy uninstall feature.
We know – completely redundant.”

Audioslave – Like a Stone
God is an Astronaut – The End of the Beginning

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Things you would know if you had listened

Lesson number 5: no need to feel bad when you actually are sick. 3D-effects of street traffic as if you were the drums in this sweet piece of heavy metal art, getting to know every muscle of your body like during a first class Japanese special-massage and sweating like in the hottest sauna ever.
Alright, we might ignore that this kind of new age music makes us want to kill ourselves, that it is an all-I-want-to-do-is-die massage and the shivering throughout the sweating-phase, cause it takes away a lot of the romantic of the moment. In fact, it isn’t romantic at all. Who said being sick is romantic? Maybe some pitiful fool finds his luck by dying with a woman in one arm, a bottle of whisky in the other. Should have listened to the do-not-draw-your-weapon voices..

Whatever, being sick is not the worst thing that can happen. Being dead is. Well, I’ll drink to that. Now, normally someone would say, the worst thing is to be sarcastic and no-one able to notice. I’d like to think for myself: it doesn’t matter at all. Sometimes you just have to be able to be pleased by your own inner smile.
It’s easy to fool others, but hard to trick yourself!

October 10, 2007 at 5:09 pm 1 comment

Things that make you sick

Sick you feel, crazy things you do. It’s a great experience. I’d call it awkward-crazy- body-functions- reducing-to- thinking-a-minute-late phase. Bad in every way, well again – almost. Lets say it’s bad for doing things that need your full attention. Reading, writing, listening to music – basically what I’m doing right now. It’s also physically challenging, if you think about stepping one step back when the bus arrives at the station. The special effect is a head full of pain without knowing where to put it. Not word-for-word, for this evolution took responsibility. Or every other creationing-everything-shattering event or ‘man’ you place after saying ‘I believe in ‘.
By the way, for the bus-scenario not only your head will hate you. Anyway, my favourite is ‘I believe in people’. Cause, come on, not even they believe in themselves.

The thing is, my head tells my inner voice to shut up. At least, nobody tells my head to shout. Oh, I’ll turn the music down a bit. Hard rock sounds like head shot. Currently, in every sense of the word. Sometimes the only thing you should to do is to listen. And that’s what I’m going to do.
Thank people, it’s Monday in less than 6 hours!

October 7, 2007 at 7:07 pm 1 comment

Things you don’t mind to lose but still regret

I have to admit, my smalltalk skills were never perfect. Though, there was this time I could talk about all the small, unimportant and pretty much less interesting things than my parents sex life.
It seems that I’ve lost it all. Don’t get me wrong, but what question is more useless than the one where you ask a girl in a club if she really likes to listen to this kind of music? Sometimes, I tend to go with ‘Do you want to skip the talking part and switch directly to the fluid-exchange?’ like performed in the movie ‘In a beautiful mind’. But really, the woman of today would not flush and run away anymore, but more fatal, kick you in your basement.
What’s wrong with today’s conversations? Everybody wants sophistication but nobody wants to think or do anything for it.

The whole conversation-going-down-the-drain maybe sticks out most in nowadays chat rooms. Ever talked to a 14-year-old who’s ability is to ask 10 questions within 10 seconds and then awaits to answer questions with yes and no? I mean, if the first 10 questions would even be interesting, you could maybe have at least two minutes of fun. On the bright side, its pretty easy to find out if someone is below the legal intercourse age. But never mind, in fact with most people you wouldn’t even want to talk in real life anyways. Not to speak of the more fleshy things.

Let’s be honest, everybody is against stereotypy if it’s about racism, but when it comes to the decision of things, most people go with the masses.
It’s hard to be special if you want to be ordinary!

October 2, 2007 at 5:02 am 1 comment

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