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Ireland and England

I am back!
After 256 days of travelling the trip has come to ..let’s say a break. The last week I spent in Ireland and England. Most of the week, I stayed in the capital city Dublin. I guess I can’t really say I’ve been to Ireland since I only spent one day on the countryside, but that’s good for now. Dublin was like everyone expects: rainy but not really wet, cloudy but not really dark and chilly but not really cold. Nevertheless, I was back to Europe and it felt a bit depressing. Something that was quite easy to solve by visiting one of the many pubs – or more..

There will be photos as soon as I’ve solved my temporary living and Internet situation. For now, I have to say it feels awesome to eat dark bread – and, of course, to see my family and friends again.

Lots of plans await my realisation – or at least my tries to. Enthusiastic times – even though the weather gave me a hit on the head (including snowy things). Well, if all else fails, next stop: Mexico!


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Canada – Alberta and British Columbia

I am back. Back from the Rockies, back from wild animals and the raw Canadian bush. It wasn’t bad at all. Although, there was a lot of rain in the beginning and massive fires in the middle. Afterwards, there was a lot of water too, but I think that’s quite common when you go to an island. In the end, everything worked out without casualties, so I’ll call it success.

Now, I don’t want to bother you with a lot of text. Let the pictures talk..

The Canadian nature with amazing mountains, waterfalls, dunes (with jump)..
near rogers pass banff national park
takakkaw falls sand dunes jump

..perfectly and glacier-water coloured lakes (Lake Louise just one of many)..
moraine lake lake agnes lake louise

the awesome wildlife from bears to chipmunks, moose and whales..
chipmunk moose
whale black bear

and other interesting stuff from bear traps to garbage cans..
bear trap bear garbage container

I left the west coast of Canada and exchanged it for Ontario, where I’m currently in the big lake area, in Toronto.

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Canada – Vancouver

Before I hit the road – or better the canadian mountains – I want to give you a small summary of the last six months of travelling:
– half a year, 26 weeks (from 2009-01-16 to 2009-07-17 – 183 days)
– Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, USA (Hawaii, Washington), Canada
– diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, surfing, hiking, running, climbing
– by plane, bus, car, boat, hitchhiking, train, walking
– best breakfast: Seattle (fruits), Fiji (just everything on Beachcomber island)
– best shower: New Zealand (after days in the wild), Vancouver (just good)
– best sleep: New Zealand (in my tent in the bush and at the French Ridge Hut)
– best rocks: New Zealand (at Castle Hill), Australian blue mountains
– best food: sushi in Tokyo, fish and chips on Steward Island
I haven’t been stolen anything and lost only one t-shirt and that to the sharks while on a diving trip in Fiji. Unfortunately it was my Come-To-Pay shirt (sorry, Arvid) – you might know it from a lot of famous jump pictures.

About Canada.. I wasn’t fully healthy when I crossed over to Vancouver. Still, after a few questions at the Canadian border, everything was done. The green US passport paper (everybody makes such a big fuzz about it, cause it makes it hard to enter the States when you forget to return it after leaving) the bus driver just ripped out, after I asked about it. She told me she’ll throw it in the box at the US border on her way back – she does that all the time – aaalright.
I came across a lot of homeless people and street dealers when I walked from the bus to the hostel in Vancouver. Then on one corner an older woman in a car stopped and offered me a chicken dinner, because she bought two for one. Oh, strange Vancouver. Due to feeling not a hundred percent fit, I didn’t do much the first few days. I explored the city and went on a day tour but that’s basically all. (I saw fish again – yes, I like stating and keywording ‘fish’)

Around Capilano park, Burrard and Lions Gate bridge and Granville island..

capilano lake burrard street bridge

granville island lions gate bridge

Today, I made my way over to Calgary. I learned about distances in Canada. It was a 15-hour bus drive through awesome Canadian landscapes. I lost an hour by crossing a time zone. Tomorrow, I’ll start a 20-day camping trip through the Rockies, Banff, Lake Luise and back to the West over Vancouver Island.

Uh, before I forget.. I did an update on my domain and account. Take a look at There you’ll find a selection of my best photos in various categories (you’ll need to click them, to get to the actual gallery). Thanks a lot for keeping my account Viktor!

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New Zealand – Steward Island and East Coast

As I started to like driving around, I had to return the car. Well, finally after 23 days (three more in exchange for the battery-problems). Driving here is great fun. You got less traffic and lots of awesome roads. I got used to changing the gears with the left hand soon and the others got used to driving on the right side of the road. Alright, I admit, eventually I also used the left side.
What I also really like are the speed advices at almost all turns and corners and the little bumps in the middle of the road which are so annoying to drive on that people usually just stay on their side of the road.

So for the record, I went to Steward Island and did a bit of walking there, saw lots of birds and enjoyed my favourite spot so far. Afterwards I drove up the east coast and landed now in Picton (the start of the South Island tour) again.
The photos will follow as “new zealand IV”. For now enjoy my two latest jumps:
moeraki boulders elephant rocks

Now, I’m going to stay and relax a bit here in Picton before I’ll do some final walks in the South Island. Problem is just ..I’m a bit sick of fish and chips now.

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Week II

Japan – Kyoto, Tokyo (postscript from the 3rd Feb)

Alright, I broke a contract of mine, I went to a mcdonald restaurant. But I assure you, I only had ice cream and watched the Japanese society at its decline. I just used the environment to backup pictures and to write down stuff. You see, a few days ago my camera – I know, I should have already bought a new one – had a problem with the memory card. All photos were lost, and that all happened at my perfect jump location. Now, imagine some terrified Austrian guy with camera and equipment sitting at the side of those orange shrines in the hills somewhere in the suburbs of Kyoto trying to fix his camera.
Anyway, the pictures were lost, but the camera works again, just my trust is a bit flushed down the sink. Update: the memory card seems now completely gone to a better life.

Still, I made my first self-made jump picture and proudly present it:

What else is there to summarise about Japan? I’m starting to like Japanese fashion somehow, but also to dislike their food a bit. And, the rare fish is the least problem.
Also, Kyoto is colder than Tokyo. Nevertheless the weather was much sunnier. Come to Japan if you want to hear police-cars excusing their fast speed, understand why Japanese don’t like to talk english and get defeated by toilets. Just remember: 7-hour nightbus-trips are the worst.

– dragons and wells, funny food presentations
dragon well food
– kyotos famous golden temple, and Kiyomizu temple (on stilts)
golden temple Kiyomizu temple
– a lot of stuff (tuna) at Tokyos fish market and the final result
tuna basic sushi set
– and: drink vending machines, skyscraper and huge shopping malls..
vending machine shinjuku skyscraper around shibuya

Next stop: Auckland tomorrow afternoon.

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I don’t know what to write about. I don’t really like posts or messages starting with ‘I‘, but I don’t like conventions and standards either when it comes to creativity. Well, if you can call writing nonsense creative writing at all. Anyway, I even call my ‘own documents’-directory ‘I‘, so it probably won’t matter. Others would write the f-word more often than I write the I-word in this post – so to the hot springs with it. Nevermind.
I searched for photo applications around the Internet. I wanted to upload some nice pictures and make them available for some nice people. What I looked for should have been simple and maybe provide some features like geotagging, general tagging, recognising of EXIF picture information and maybe support RSS, own directories and such. I compared the advantages and disadvantages of Flickr, Photobucket, Picasaweb, Zooomr and other image hosting services. But I‘ll write about it maybe tomorrow.

Let’s just say for now that I decided to use Picasaweb in the end. The results can be found by the same user (remarkableordinary). And two small examples I‘ll give you right here:

finland, helsinki, suomenlinna islands norway, islands before bodø

I will now use the 21st ‘I‘ now which is the same number of posts I posted for the last year. No, actually I made 70 entries – this is going to be the 71st and it’s the same day in October I started in 2007. Still, 21 and 70 are both numbers you can divide by the prime number 7 – isn’t that remarkable? In fact, not really, but let’s celebrate one year of ordinary nonsense that is in fact so ordinary that it seems a kind of special again. So, there is no time to be desperate, it could be worse. If it couldn’t, I‘d just say ..well, remarkable!

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Past the end

How does the end of the world look like?

the northernmost point of Europe
This is not the end – just the northernmost point of Europe, but it’s impressive as hell. I assume. It was the 3rd of August and the temperature was about 4 degrees (the Celsius ones). On the right side you’re able to see the Nordkapp cliff draped in fog. This panorama actually consists out of six single pictures. The place is called Knivskjellodden.

Another panorama: this is what Tromsø in Norway looks like at about 2am in the morning. This is out of two pictures shot on the 4th of August. I recommend to click on it to enlarge it a bit more.
Two more panoramas I made out of two and five single pictures. The first is from the hill of crosses in Lithuania. The other one is an extraordinary view from somewhere in the north of Norway and shows hills, rocks, mountains and trees – all one needs – with an awesome fjord in the background.

All pictures were shot with a pretty normal four year old digital camera. The panoramas were generated with the help of Hugin panorama generator which is a nice piece of open source software that can be found here (
The assembling and processing takes a bit of time and some words you wouldn’t teach your children. Nonetheless, it’s worth to play a bit around with the functions for fine tuning.

So much for my so called days off!

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