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Canada – Vancouver

Before I hit the road – or better the canadian mountains – I want to give you a small summary of the last six months of travelling:
– half a year, 26 weeks (from 2009-01-16 to 2009-07-17 – 183 days)
– Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, USA (Hawaii, Washington), Canada
– diving, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, surfing, hiking, running, climbing
– by plane, bus, car, boat, hitchhiking, train, walking
– best breakfast: Seattle (fruits), Fiji (just everything on Beachcomber island)
– best shower: New Zealand (after days in the wild), Vancouver (just good)
– best sleep: New Zealand (in my tent in the bush and at the French Ridge Hut)
– best rocks: New Zealand (at Castle Hill), Australian blue mountains
– best food: sushi in Tokyo, fish and chips on Steward Island
I haven’t been stolen anything and lost only one t-shirt and that to the sharks while on a diving trip in Fiji. Unfortunately it was my Come-To-Pay shirt (sorry, Arvid) – you might know it from a lot of famous jump pictures.

About Canada.. I wasn’t fully healthy when I crossed over to Vancouver. Still, after a few questions at the Canadian border, everything was done. The green US passport paper (everybody makes such a big fuzz about it, cause it makes it hard to enter the States when you forget to return it after leaving) the bus driver just ripped out, after I asked about it. She told me she’ll throw it in the box at the US border on her way back – she does that all the time – aaalright.
I came across a lot of homeless people and street dealers when I walked from the bus to the hostel in Vancouver. Then on one corner an older woman in a car stopped and offered me a chicken dinner, because she bought two for one. Oh, strange Vancouver. Due to feeling not a hundred percent fit, I didn’t do much the first few days. I explored the city and went on a day tour but that’s basically all. (I saw fish again – yes, I like stating and keywording ‘fish’)

Around Capilano park, Burrard and Lions Gate bridge and Granville island..

capilano lake burrard street bridge

granville island lions gate bridge

Today, I made my way over to Calgary. I learned about distances in Canada. It was a 15-hour bus drive through awesome Canadian landscapes. I lost an hour by crossing a time zone. Tomorrow, I’ll start a 20-day camping trip through the Rockies, Banff, Lake Luise and back to the West over Vancouver Island.

Uh, before I forget.. I did an update on my domain and account. Take a look at There you’ll find a selection of my best photos in various categories (you’ll need to click them, to get to the actual gallery). Thanks a lot for keeping my account Viktor!


July 26, 2009 at 10:17 pm 4 comments

Spontaneous things

Things that catch you off guard can be quite frightful. Nevertheless, half of the time, such actions are rather fun to do or to watch. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t really make sense to list a bunch of things that are spontaneous. Cause, you know, by setting the time, preparing everything and writing scripts for everybody you kind of rip the spontan-part apart.
So I’m going to explain the general situation.
The important things to know are the following. Try to stay aware of your current situation and be a part of the conversation, game or happening. If you don’t, you’ll only end up telling jokes at funerals, dancing naked at parties or destroying someones property. All those things might be funny, but they’ve all happened much too often before and are most of the time remembered with some kind of bitter taste or criminal record. Secondly, notice abnormalities and think ahead. That’s not an easy task, but by practising a lot you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll need this not only to make an equivocal comment, but also to provide the excuse for this ‘accidental’ slip afterwards.

Never push or try to insist on some statement. If your audience fails to notice, you should probably either. Don’t explain jokes or simple actions. There is no need for that and besides, you’ll only destroy the eous-part too. What you should definitely do is to encourage others to improvise as well. Having fun together is just everything hedonism is about. Most promising are: video camera, one day free time, unforced meetings, good friends, relaxation zones like parks and a lot of space.

For ideas see various online video/photo/social platforms.
All you old-fashioned people: read books, or get a life, and then read books!

July 16, 2008 at 7:40 pm 2 comments

Talking about nothing

“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.” – Plato

To talk only for the sake of communication itself seems pretty unnecessary for some people. Well, it probably is. But there is more to it than most may realise. Small talk is like grooming. Primates form bonds of trust and build cooperation groups. They groom each other to get food, sex or other favours.
Maybe we don’t go that far just with small talk but it’s in a way the best option to start a conversation to get to know each other. The special thing about this form of phatic expressions is that it serves to find a way to communicate. It’s about evaluating the spoken language, style and level. Some do this even only to overcome a waiting time or an uncomfortable silence. Imagine two computers just connecting to say ‘hi, how you’re doin’?’ – sounds a bit pathetic, doesn’t it?

In general, there are the following categories of conversations based upon their involved topics: ideas, concrete objects and facts, people, the self. Their different purposes are: extend understanding and awareness, consolidate a general view, boosting of self esteem, attracting attention. Anyway, to start talking about something with somebody, you might want to consider a topic that’s neutral, without heavy personal information and hard questions. Make the talking part easy by staying simple!

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Thou shallow mind

As your mind wanders, you may find yourself thinking about this one thing that’s never lazy. This one process that keeps on going till the end of your time. It’s the thought that never stops. It changes its face everywhere you look. Every different influence changes its way. Even when your body is sleeping, some parts of your central processing unit are still highly active.
From the moment we’re born, every sense is trained thus helping us to focus on specific things. Only after months and years of learning we’ve become able to focus on processes and their connections and therewith understand complex structures and our influence on those.

The problem arises when we’ve lost our interest in things. Without some special point of interest we use to wander around without getting the feeling of success. Focus is pretty important for anything you want to achieve. With all too far scattered interests you’re in danger of becoming a library containing short moments of nothing. Then again, if you concentrate too much, you become poison for yourself and others. Examples are: impotent top athletes, mad scientists, blind top managers – or as I may call them: failures in evolution.

Focus, but keep it real!

Inmates of the Cebu Provincial Det. & Rehab. Center, Philippines ~ at YouTube
Körperzellenrock ~ at YouTube

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Colourless – Story Part I

Time froze. Her facial expression got tense. So did every muscle in her body. As she held her breath her heart seemed to beat as fast as it could. It appeared to be the only part in this world ignoring the stop. The place filled with a deadly silence. Nighttime put everything into a black coat. Rain clouds and mist killed off even the little light the scrawny moon would possibly reflect. In the small cone, the street light threw at her right eye and cheek, I could notice her pain.
I came closer. Despite the puddles of water all over the street my feet did not make any sound. I felt the heaviness of my coat while I was moving. I thought about the sins I committed and their weight sucking me down, deeper and deeper into the darkness. Yet, I was stronger.

I bent over her. Her hair had the colour of dark red roses. Her skin was pale like cherry blossoms and her lips shined like fresh blood. By looking in the middle of her eyes I could find myself surprised about the fascinating blue I was covered in. At this time, I was able to measure the full dimension of her sorrow. It was cold enough to see her last breath dispersing into the dark. A cloud released some light of earth’s oldest satellite. Suddenly, the focus of her eyes met mine.
Now, she remembered!

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How to run on caffeine

Every movement freezes in your mind. Actions become series of pictures. You feel widely awake and at the same time completely numb to direct influences on yourself. The drugs produced by your body are floating your blood circulation. When you think, time stops. Your heart pumps like it tries to drown out your breaths. All muscles and tendons are tense. Your thoughts focus at the current place and time. Everything is under your control. One blink to crush the city; one thought to destroy the world.
At this state, unexpected events are often the stinging pain of reality. Nothing happens without reason. But what if we can’t find the reasons? Does reality jab you in your back? One thing is for sure: you could process a thousand pictures a second; if the flapper comes when unexpected, it won’t help at all.

The question is not: to drink or not to drink. Rather, you should ask yourself: are you fly enough to open your wings even if the light at the end of the tunnel could meet up with you halfway with a hundred miles per hour? Regret only exists in life. What drives you when you bear that in mind? Is it yesterday’s memory, the thought of tomorrow, or the possibility of none?
Sugar makes your heartbeat sweeter!

March 12, 2008 at 8:33 am 3 comments

How to live by the banana

Life is like this yellow curved fruit. You can put it in a plastic bag and within a week the only thing you can do is to throw it away. But that’s not all. Dip it in coffee and you got a vitamin and caffeine stick with an slight weird taste. Alright, what I really meant was that nothing is really straight. Life needs things to be flexible and bendable in order to fit together. The lesson here is to let yourself be a bit bendable. Don’t stick to every textbook you read and don’t be stiff like a saltstick. The time will come where the pressure on both of your ends will be to much and break you into pieces. Flexibility is a good thing. Not only in the gym.
Another speciality is the thick skin with the smooth inner potential fruitshake. Learn to accept those dark bruises on your outer layer. Time will heal them. There you are even superior to the special banana powers. Don’t let everything effect your inner-smoothie. You’ll only ruin your taste. And who will like you when you taste like an already chewed chewing gum?

After all, judge your monkey-cucumber by its skin very carefully. Most of the time, the inside will be sweeter anyway. Peeling will be worth the effort. And leave them on the tree while they’re still green. However, now I’ve gone off-topic. Security isn’t everything but flexibility is.
Be aware of a life shortage when living in a plastic bag!

February 19, 2008 at 7:16 pm 3 comments

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