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USA – New York, New York

New Yorker are ‘children of excitement’ as I will call them from now on. They like morning TV, stars, talking about stars, police with machine guns (at least they don’t mind them), fast food and flags – especially stars and stripes (what better way to describe the flag?). Despite the feeling that half of the cars were taxis and the other half emergency vehicles the city felt quite clean and save. New York is quite a big apple with over eight million people. In some parts it seems like most of them are tourists and the rest policemen – but honestly, NY was a great experience without any troubles.

There are thousand things to see: Central park, Times square, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, Rockefeller centre, Empire State building, Flatiron building, Guggenheim museum (among hundred others), Chrysler building, Battery park, Grand Central station, the whole financial district and many more..
I tried the NY hot dog, but in my opinion it tastes kind of artificial and can’t possibly compete with one from Vienna. The soft ice cream and pretzels were surprisingly good though.

But risk a look at: Times square, Manhatten as seen from the Staten Island ferry, Chrysler and Empire State building from the top of the Rockefeller centre at night time, and Brooklyn bridge – over to Brooklyn – just before sunset..

times square manhatten
manhatten at night brooklyn bridge

After a week I crossed the Atlantic ocean over to Ireland, Dublin where I stayed till yesterday.


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Update (Week XXIV)

Update (USA – Hawaii)

It’s been 24 weeks since I visited a country where they drive on the right side of the road. But that’s certainly not the only difference here. It’s the country where you’ll get a 130 dollar fine if you cross the streets in a wrong way, where they play the national anthem on the beach toilets – actually, where you should use the word restroom or accept being hated, where the national flag is displayed on every corner and where they show advertisements for the war on TV.
Although, Hawaii is the last of the 50 states and I was told it was ‘no shirt, no shoes, no problem!’ a few years ago, things have changed. I was forbidden entry and asked to leave because I didn’t wear shoes at Perl Harbor. Their explanation was their fear of getting sued if I’d hurt my feet (come on, I’ve walked on fire and the probability of all the guys slipping with their flip-flops is higher than the sensibility to pain of the soles of my feet). Nevertheless, I took the one and a half hour bus ride again and drove there a second time to enjoy a few hours of American pride.

Also, I went surfing for the first time ever..
surfin' the usa

Tomorrow, I’m going to find out how America goes crazy at its Independence Day. ..and if a Korean missile will hit me on my head it is only the evening of the 3rd of July yet.

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Breaking limits

It’s raining. Additionally it’s still unpleasantly hot. So those who sit in their offices can sweat their coffee out while the ones on the outside are getting their make-ups washed. But I don’t really want to comment the weather. I leave that to the annoying football commentators as it adds a bit of suspense to the whole fan and commercial society.
I’m also not really in the mood of writing, so I’ll just leave a few links to a great comedian who died four days ago. He’s known by the Americans for going past the limits of TV and Radio manners. What I find kind of interesting – and I don’t know much from his shows – is, that he managed to speak to a big audience in a direct and uncensored way but staying both understandable and on a sometimes high level of the communication itself.

In one of George Carlins best known routines, he went against euphemisms and said that they’ve become so widespread that no one can simply ‘die’. To phrase it in his words:
‘Older’ sounds a little better than ‘old’, doesn’t it? Sounds like it might even last a little longer. [..] I’m getting old. And it’s OK. Because thanks to our fear of death in this country I won’t have to die – I’ll ‘pass away’. Or I’ll ‘expire’, like a magazine subscription. If it happens in the hospital they’ll call it a ‘terminal episode’. The insurance company will refer to it as ‘negative patient care outcome’. And if it’s the result of malpractice they’ll say it was a ‘therapeutic misadventure’.

those famous seven words at YouTube
about soft language at YouTube
religion and sun worshipping at YouTube

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Thinking and drinking

Ours is a society that has grown itself more belly than beard. Unable to look down on our offspring we grab our next bottle in the misbelief of ignoring as solution to our problems. Laziness and wealth are the reasons leading us into a deep depression and the standstill in our life. It has become more comfortable to sit in a sofa in front of the television than to go outside getting to know others. We drink to overlook the unimportance of problems in TV shows, we only learn to know because of such shows.
Money is earned to use it on entertainment that lets us forget about the troubles we have in earning this money. We would call it failures of existence, if the hangover would not be so tough. We don’t have problems, it’s the others that live in constant desperation.

Admittedly, nothing is as bad as it seems. Alcohol is probably one cause why there are still children born. Young mothers, parents that don’t care, incompetent school systems and stupidity are still essential factors that we don’t face extinction yet. But who wants to live among a mass of suicidal lemmings – except for a lemming. However, before I paint everything black, listen carefully: I would live like a deer among the wolves only to know that I am chased for hunger and not power. I would own power with the direction of my movements. To the power of chased ones, women, thoughts and dark beer.

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You deserve to forget

Nowadays, TV series show us one thing: knowledge is the key to success. If it’s House MD to demonstrate others their deficiencies by being himself almost infallible, or Shawn Spencer whose remarkable memory abilities give him an unnatural psychic impression, or even Dexter Morgan who uses his intelligence to commit murder for some kind of justifiable justice. All of these examples show us fictive people making the impression of being normal with certain abilities that let them appear to be special. There are also the extremes like Heroes which add a bit more fiction and thus wouldn’t quite work in reality. But, maybe they are just good at hiding it.
Anyway, there is a problem arising with such series which seem pretty natural and maybe possible in our imagination. Mostly, they leave us just two options: either we admit to be stupid and can’t do what their starlets can, or everybody else is cause know I can read minds – can’t you? That’s probably one of the reasons they design most of these series as comedies or at least add some comical aspects. Because, who wants to be even more depressed after sitting half an hour in a sofa watching problems of fictive people?

Let’s go back a minute to the part about knowledge. Everything is about how much you’re able to remember. But isn’t it great to have a mind which can forget things easily? – Wait for the point before you try to forget how useless reading this entry was! Oblivion offers you the ultimate feature to happiness. And I don’t mean to forgive, that’s mostly just a selfish act to have others be grateful.
Only when you’ve learned to forget, you’ve learned what it means to know!

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