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good times

Same time, last year, on the other side of the world..

wandering on the north island of new zealand

wandering on the north island of new zealand

hat, sweat, heat, walking, hitch-hiking, swearing, loving, full-moon, water, boots, dirt, backpack.

Life is just so relative!


February 6, 2010 at 4:49 pm 4 comments


Canada – Alberta and British Columbia

I am back. Back from the Rockies, back from wild animals and the raw Canadian bush. It wasn’t bad at all. Although, there was a lot of rain in the beginning and massive fires in the middle. Afterwards, there was a lot of water too, but I think that’s quite common when you go to an island. In the end, everything worked out without casualties, so I’ll call it success.

Now, I don’t want to bother you with a lot of text. Let the pictures talk..

The Canadian nature with amazing mountains, waterfalls, dunes (with jump)..
near rogers pass banff national park
takakkaw falls sand dunes jump

..perfectly and glacier-water coloured lakes (Lake Louise just one of many)..
moraine lake lake agnes lake louise

the awesome wildlife from bears to chipmunks, moose and whales..
chipmunk moose
whale black bear

and other interesting stuff from bear traps to garbage cans..
bear trap bear garbage container

I left the west coast of Canada and exchanged it for Ontario, where I’m currently in the big lake area, in Toronto.

August 21, 2009 at 8:32 pm 4 comments

Update (Week XVIII)

Update (Australia – Byron Bay)

The power in the place here is down again. Water is almost everywhere; some of it made it’s way even into my little, cosy tent. The weather forecast shows storms and rains all over the east coast at least for the next few days. I think that’s a good time to leave this place. Well, at least to the next bigger city – although I’m getting quite used to the idea of heading over to Fiji soon. So, up to Brisbane is the plan for tomorrow.

around kings cross at night

Even though the bad conditions kept me from surfing, doing some walks and enjoying the beach, I like this small, laid back hippie town.

May 22, 2009 at 1:05 am 2 comments

Senses of balance

There are numerous reasons why challenging yourself is fun. For one, there is the part where you may achieve something you didn’t know you were able to. That usually comes as a pleasant surprise, which itself is good for your own self-esteem. Another thing is the knowledge new experiences come packed with. The better you know your own reactions, the better your self-assessments are going to work for new situations.
In case of my own last weekend I’d like to note some things about scuba diving. First of all, it’s awesome to move freely around in every possible direction. Anyway, there is this feeling when you turn around in foggy waters and enter this state where you are unable to make out any direction or reference point anymore. That’s my first uneasy feeling. The second one is when you dive lower, let’s say to 20 meters, and imagine the height of water by comparison to the height of some building you know in the same size above your shoulders. That’s just a freaking amount of water and thus, a lot of pressure, if you get what I mean. The last thing is the silence you may experience when you slowly breath in and nothing around you moves or makes any noise.
All of these sensations are not bad, they are just interesting to experience and may take a little bit to accept.

Underwater Communication ~ How-To Communicate Underwater
Diving Signals ~ Scuba Diving Signals, Wiki Diving Signals
Sign Language ~ NZSL

May 19, 2008 at 8:23 pm Leave a comment

Thinking about motivation

When you’re even thinking about things you could do before you have to check for emails, you’re really in trouble. Procrastination is not only the thief of time. Furthermore, these little distractions you’re looking for are like stones in your shoes when you’re trying to walk over water. Actually, let me rephrase: if you’re already thinking about procrastination – which you’re obviously forced to at the moment – you’re merely swimming in the attempt to prevent yourself from drowning. Be honest, you don’t really have a chance of getting any further.
Sounds pretty bad? Well, it is! You should really stop reading and get on with your work. Except if you want to know what you could do to defeat your killer instinct regarding time. In that case, go on – but hurry!

What makes the things we have to do so easy to prolong and almost destined for postponement? Did you ever think about changing your motivation? Now, don’t tell me all you need is more time instead of motivation. That would be quite the exception and you wouldn’t need an advice. The difficult process is to focus on your current action to 100 percent. Before that, even harder, you’ll need to start. It’s fine to think about alternatives, but then just take a breath and start. Just don’t forget that distractions are evil. Try to avoid them anywhere possible.
Alright, back to work!

January 30, 2008 at 8:06 pm 3 comments

When the world is not enough

Water. The source of all life as we know it. Also, the most important resource for some action sports. If it doesn’t come pouring from above and instead is lying on the ground. In the more solid state, of course. What’s even better than sliding down a mountain atop of water crystals? Doing so and thinking of nothing else! I would almost compare this extraordinary feeling to diving somewhere entirely free. Being weightless. Genial, if you ignore the pain in your bones and muscles, when your last ‘sliding down the hills with full physical exertion’ experience happened already some while ago.
The art is, as in most disciplines, going to the edge of everything possible without stepping over. You’ll succeed when you stop and don’t need immediate medical attention.

What’s more, when you realise you did something you couldn’t do yesterday, you get this great feeling of live experience. Every step forward means further possibilities and a mind more open to other influences. Most of the time there is no wrong decision except standing still and doing nothing. Nevertheless, every new experience bears also the risk of failure. Often, even failures will help you on, but sometimes.. well, we got pretty good medical support.
No risks, no organ donations!

November 6, 2007 at 7:43 pm 1 comment

When it’s not about knowledge

Some say it’s all about wisdom and experience. You are what you learn to be. I know that I know little, but what does it matter? Someone who knows 50 percent more is not necessary 50 percent better. Well, it may apply to a language translation Computer. On the other hand, if you know more does it mean that you decide slower because you have to think about more aspects, or does it give you the option to think about more possibilities?
In the case of the language translation system it would reduce the evaluation speed. So what about the complex human mind? Are we really able to think harder or is thinking what we do even when we’re trying to think about nothing?

Does it make us happier to know more? Do we want to be happier? I think it has nothing to do with knowledge at all. It is about specific personal demands. When the only thing you request is a glass of water, you’ll be fine in most places you stray. Just try to remember that some weirdo filled 97 percent of earth surface with water that’s a bit salty. However, if you make yourself a highly sophisticated 25-year career and social plan for your future, the only thing you’ll probably get is a headache, gastric problems or the issue of making your last exit before reaching upper management.
Happiness must be some kind of marketing gag!

October 24, 2007 at 6:15 pm 1 comment

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