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How to cry over spilled milk

If your problem is to be understood metaphorical the answer might be: don’t cry – someone else will, probably nine month later. But that’s not what I meant. A typical reaction is to blame someone else. Especially, when others are around. Typically, it’s even someone you believe in. Your god, parents, siblings or your companion. So, if you are the one blamed for someone else’s mistakes you’re allowed to feel honored.
It’s worse when you know it’s your own fault. Cause, let’s be honest, where is the fun in being stupid? On the other hand, there is some fun in that. This expression makes even more sense when you know that my case is about a dislocated arm. Alright, we’ve come to the realisation phase and know it has been our own mistake. So, how do we work it out? Now, don’t say: with the other arm, I didn’t mean that.

One of the most important things is to learn to live with wrong decisions. You have different ways to do that. One would be to regret these decisions and try to memorise them each time you have to make comparable decisions again. Another one is to deny any responsibility and blame your life or other unimportant ghosts you believe in for all times. Anyway, my favourite one is to regret nothing at all. Enjoy every pain and flaw and make the best out of it. That’s really hard and hurts a lot, but there’s no better feeling than the knowledge of being infallible.
Who said it wasn’t our plan to wipe out ourselves at all?


March 17, 2008 at 9:14 am 2 comments

How to choose your religion

Which denomination is best? Which community offers most? The ones that promise salvation after you die or the ones giving absolution to you for a specific amount of money during your lifetime? It’s a serious question. What do you want to face after your life ends? Maybe you want to look forward to 27 virgins in heaven, 27 spankers in hell or even worse: reincarnation.
Don’t forget the conditions. Read the small printed or stone engraved carefully! Who knows if there is a possibility to complain afterwards. They might just respond with ‘Come on, you really thought there are 27 virgins up here’. You’d better gain deep insights into some sects as well. They sometimes offer a hell – sorry – a lot of freebies. Tell me if you find any with one-sin-free offers.

In case it is required: what does it even mean to really believe in something? It probably means to have faith. You should neither question nor doubt your religion. For me, right that’s a huge problem. To question everything is important as it’s the only way to grow and become an individual person with a stable and fresh mind. Change is good and necessary! I think that’s also the reason those old, dusty religions are doing not really well nowadays. In an ever faster moving world it’s quite essential to keep it up.
Forget denominations without funny paragraphs – cause, come on: life is fun!

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You and your ego

As time goes by so do our beliefs. Things change even at the single second we look at them. Therefore it’s hard to keep your trust in specific processes or life itself. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer from our own inability for finding valid beliefs. It just means that we have to accept changes and try to grow with them. If we manage to adapt ourselves well enough we may gain happiness by flexibility.
Nietzsche said ‘Wer viel Freude hat, muß ein guter Mensch sein: aber vielleicht ist er nicht der klügste, obwohl er gerade das erreicht, was der Klügste mit aller seiner Klugheit erstrebt‘. Thus, it’s not the truth that makes us happy, but our own trust in something.

From that, we may derive our greatest fear. It’s about the events that leave us unable to trust our own senses – the fear of being wrong. With that knowledge we may be able to overcome one of our greatest problems: the freezing in thoughts that prevents us from acting. The problems don’t lie in our present, they are written down in the memories from our past and the imagination of our future.
With these things in mind we may conclude that our flexibility can be our strength. In order to get rid of some of our fears we have to clear up things for ourselves and within our minds.
Darkness exists from where we come from, darkness is where we are going to, the only light we keep within our hearts, is the trust we have on things we know.
One might also say: it does not matter where we come from – it does not matter where we go to – the only thing that matters is the action that we make.
You always have to cross the street to look at your own way!

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In the dark shadows die

November is my personal declared ‘november rain’ month. Everything is grey, or gray if you’re in the United States. Not even the daylight-saving time helps much in that case. So what to do with all this darkness? Some deniers always find the time to celebrate. They start off with crazy costumes and pumpkins and change into their carnival dresses afterwards. A hundred doughnuts later they switch to mulled wine and hot punch and slur ‘evrithinks fein’. Some believers impatiently await next months big birthday party with trees and red clowns wearing beards. But I’m grasping ahead..

Well, not everything is fine. Actually, many things look really bad. That’s something everybody should admit sometimes. No reason to burn your trees, flush your cookies and hang yourself with your Luftschlangen. The thing with the cookies really depends on your baking skills. You may send them to me before you feed your toilet. In case you ask, if my opinion had been requested to transcribe Luftschlange, it would be known as wrangler by now. Not as boring ‘paper streamer’.
Anyway, it is very important that we have sad, sentimental times. Otherwise we forget how this feels, lose sight of our goals and let reality fall apart. We should appreciate rainy days as we do with good times.
Fun is where gravity loses weight!

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Things that start worse end well

Compare yourself to something worse et voilà you’re the lucky one. If you’re not feeling better already, you’ve probably done something wrong. Maybe there is no-one in a worse situation than you are.
In that case you can be proud that you are the unluckiest guy – number one or at least number 4, cause what’s even unluckier than being not even on the stairhead – challenged person from life, god, or whatever you belief in.
So, you got it. It’s the context that makes things good or bad, humans into heroes or – whatever the opposite profession is.

The interesting thing is, your mouth tastes funny if you drink tea the whole day. Besides, also actions that didn’t have an influence on other people, don’t count for their general view either. For example when you played drums the first fifteen years of your lifetime, it may count for your mother as ‘his wild years’. However, other people you just met would maybe say: nice he plays an instrument.
What lies on the hand is that it needs a personal session of extraterrestrial performance to change their minds into: he plays like the devil fighting against human rights. Nothing can beat frontal first person experience. Anyhow, it’s a bad example, what I mean is that people don’t see what the are not shown.
Never show that both aces you’re hiding are hearts!

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Things that make you sick

Sick you feel, crazy things you do. It’s a great experience. I’d call it awkward-crazy- body-functions- reducing-to- thinking-a-minute-late phase. Bad in every way, well again – almost. Lets say it’s bad for doing things that need your full attention. Reading, writing, listening to music – basically what I’m doing right now. It’s also physically challenging, if you think about stepping one step back when the bus arrives at the station. The special effect is a head full of pain without knowing where to put it. Not word-for-word, for this evolution took responsibility. Or every other creationing-everything-shattering event or ‘man’ you place after saying ‘I believe in ‘.
By the way, for the bus-scenario not only your head will hate you. Anyway, my favourite is ‘I believe in people’. Cause, come on, not even they believe in themselves.

The thing is, my head tells my inner voice to shut up. At least, nobody tells my head to shout. Oh, I’ll turn the music down a bit. Hard rock sounds like head shot. Currently, in every sense of the word. Sometimes the only thing you should to do is to listen. And that’s what I’m going to do.
Thank people, it’s Monday in less than 6 hours!

October 7, 2007 at 7:07 pm 1 comment

Things you believe to believe in

So it was not until I chose the wrong 9, that I realised something. Everything might be right, if only you look at it the right way. All makes perfect sense to me now. I mean, if you have the perfect reason to kick somebody’s backside – why shouldn’t you? If you can probably get something precious, why not do a small favour – by kicking somebody’s butt?
And so it goes down to persuade somebody – anybody about their belief in various asserted values. Ah, aren’t we easy to figure out? Well, it’s not all that easy. Since we were gifted with our own vertically challenged point of view, we can merely imagine different ones. Therefore we predict and persuade, we want and we obtain.

The point is, nothing really is for sure. Concluding, the majority is right? No, well, maybe. If most women wear high-heeled shoes, it doesn’t mean that they are comfortable. Also, it doesn’t mean they are foolish suffering for the opposite sex – or the same – who knows these days. Neither, this implies that men are dumb for preferring women with feet-deformation intentions.

Probably, everything we might conclude is that the majority has a good point in the specific belief where they dominate. Anyhow, when the majority thinks arsenic tastes neat, I’d love to be in opposition.
Even even looks odd from one side!

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