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“How can I miss you, if you don’t go away?”

And another day went where I only managed to finish the title to a new post. Now, don’t say one-word-titles go easy. It seems like there is no stop on the timetable of the busy train. Does ‘busy’ maybe derive from business? Take some operations, add a thousand documents, put it into some procedures and mix it quickly together. Squeeze it into a small cubicle and press some poor worker on top of it. Dispose the overflowing time into some management boxes. Now just add some additional tasks and meetings and a lot of coffee and watch some existence perish.
But we won’t paint everything black here. Time is the only thing that truly belongs to everyone of us. Whether you do what some strange guys in camouflage dresses tell you to do or just watch a candle burn down. In the end, it’s mainly your decision. If you don’t think it is or want to counter with some life after death ideas, you’d better stick to your religion and stop reading blasphemous blogs.

So you’re still reading? Well, so the message is that you should take your time seriously. You’ll probably regret every second when you’re fifty, have gathered loads of money or knowledge and kiss the box by cardiac arrest. Alright, dead man don’t regret, but in an hypothetical way. It’s important to go wherever and try whatever you want to advance your self-realisation and probably to find some kind of happiness.
Do anything you want, except trying to destroy the world maybe!


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Mondays for sale

“Das Lebn is wia a Guglhupf. Aussen knusprig, dann schön weich, aber in der Mittn is trotzdem nix!”

Arbeitstage deren Anfang eine Qual darstellen und deren Ende im Aufgeben bestehen, sind wie harte Walnüsse deren Inhalt bereits vor Jahren die Farbe verlor. Zugegeben, Anspruch ist wichtig, aber auf die Dummheit der anderen Rücksicht nehmen zu müssen, ist durchaus etwas bedrückend.
Wenn somit zusätzlich das Gewicht andrer Leute getragen werden soll, so kann dies durchaus zu Gleichgewichtsstörungen führen. Schnürt es einem dann zusätzlich noch den Hals im wahrsten Sinne zu, kann es schon vorkommen, dass dem Körper mittels Carotid Sinus Reflex erhöhter Blutdruck simuliert wird. Der Körper – vom Bluthochdruck entsetzt – versucht dann diesen zu verringern, was in höheren Körperregionen zu Sauerstoffmangel führt. Das hat dann schon einmal Bewusstseinsverlust und ähnliche Unannehmlichkeiten zur Folge. Man sollte daher beim Tauchen mit Halsmanschette wie auch bei Strangulationen eher vorsichtig sein.

Garfield 2008-05-05

Guglhupf – something to eat
Carotid Sinus – death by mistake

May 5, 2008 at 10:21 pm 2 comments

Thinking about motivation

When you’re even thinking about things you could do before you have to check for emails, you’re really in trouble. Procrastination is not only the thief of time. Furthermore, these little distractions you’re looking for are like stones in your shoes when you’re trying to walk over water. Actually, let me rephrase: if you’re already thinking about procrastination – which you’re obviously forced to at the moment – you’re merely swimming in the attempt to prevent yourself from drowning. Be honest, you don’t really have a chance of getting any further.
Sounds pretty bad? Well, it is! You should really stop reading and get on with your work. Except if you want to know what you could do to defeat your killer instinct regarding time. In that case, go on – but hurry!

What makes the things we have to do so easy to prolong and almost destined for postponement? Did you ever think about changing your motivation? Now, don’t tell me all you need is more time instead of motivation. That would be quite the exception and you wouldn’t need an advice. The difficult process is to focus on your current action to 100 percent. Before that, even harder, you’ll need to start. It’s fine to think about alternatives, but then just take a breath and start. Just don’t forget that distractions are evil. Try to avoid them anywhere possible.
Alright, back to work!

January 30, 2008 at 8:06 pm 3 comments

Thinking in statistical evaluations

How do you work? If you’d know a bit of Neuroscience you could probably tell me how neurons connect via synapses to each other within our brains and let us feel, memorise and react. One feature that often strikes me in contrast to computers, networks and artificial intelligence is that there is no difference between the process of reading and writing data for our brains. As soon as we remember something, we refresh connections and make a specific memory stronger. This is quite important to know as it gets impossible to see or hear a wrong fact and just not ‘write’ it down in our memory. I couldn’t say how often you would have to call someone by a different name until it’s ‘their’ name. Obviously it works. One example are nicknames, but also on a higher scale, things we name until they find their way to the global dictionaries as soon as they become commonly known.

Even if that doesn’t sound like the snake of Kekulé, I think it’s an important thing we pay too less attention to. There are theses that suggest a connection between search requests for data on the Internet and common knowledge. Thus, allowing someone to compare the search results for different spellings of words. Requests with more occurrences are more likely to be correct. Then again, we may also associate that with the personal knowledge within our own brains. Your ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is perhaps only a comparison between two values or weights.
If everything’s made up, when is it appropriate to laugh?

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To know what you want

How do you make the right decisions about your future? How to decide if you want to study or start working, to start a family or to climb the business ladder, to go abroad or to settle down? Such choices influence probably a period of five to 10 years of your life. When you think about children the commitment lasts even longer. (Even without commitment the monetary issues will hound you!) So shall we write a chart with all positives and negatives or just hand over the steering wheel to our guts?
I think a lot of truth goes down the toilet, so your digestive tracts are pretty good as it comes to the small questions in life. But when it’s about the massive questions, I think you’re doing good in investing as much time as possible to evaluate the various outcomes. Sometimes it’s helpful to ask people you don’t know well. They don’t care much about your feelings, which is the reason they will tell you their opinion for sure most of the time.

Another suggestion is to tell your questions as what they are – just questions, but not as crucial points and the ‘big search for a solution’. Most people couldn’t even imagine the situation you’re actually in, so why bother them with your core issues. Also, why should you bother yourself with hours of answers you could make abstract movies out of nobody would want to watch instead of taking sleeping pills?
yvan eht nioJ!

December 10, 2007 at 8:51 pm 5 comments

In mental derangement

As we find ourselves comparing our thoughts to colours of dissolved instant coffee, inner concerns about our own importance may rise. You see, you might spend 1,800 hours a year working at some project and still achieve no real progress in your life. Is it worth those 780 cups of coffee? Or do I have to ask the other way around?
If I sleep another 1,800 hours, when does the rest of approximately 5,100 hours go up in smoke? I mentioned coffee. The drug of hard workers, students and Alcoholics Anonymous. Various studies suggest an healthy intake of two to five cups a day. Not the cups labelled ‘pint’! These are for the other stuff. Well, I think one tremble replaces the other. Hey, everybody knows that lots of people get drunk every night. But that’s me talking jealous after 355 days without any ethanol consumption. There is something I got to do in roughly a week. It has to do with C and OH and evil chemistry.

Paracelsus said something like “die Dosis macht das Gift” which may be understood as a kind of definition. It’s poison when you can’t handle the dose. But as humans tend to see everything as good or evil, let’s say poison starts where Good switches concentrate and thinning agent. Poison is an extreme. Too much of pretty everything is evil. So God, seen as a hundred percent excellence, would be evil. How’s that saying about evil and genius again?
If you’re walking on a thin line, pass on the spirituous liquids!

November 22, 2007 at 8:24 pm 2 comments

In thoughts nothing matters

Unsaid things tend to have little influence on world affairs. This may be sad as many great thoughts are lost within the face of oblivion. Anyhow, for some minds – believe me in that – it really is a very good thing. No doubt, there is always the messenger and the receiver point of view. But what does it matter when one is just honest and the other one is just mad. Anyway, this interface between two minds, may the transmission method be words, signs or smells, is a highly interesting field of research.
If you manage to truly understand what your counterpart is up to, you can probably achieve everything. That’s one of the reasons why rhetorics is quite a profitable business today. Its importance was known long ago as there were great orators in almost every culture. But, for example among the old Greeks, it appears that they shortened their lifespan by expanding their knowledge. Well, you should know when to shut your mouth.

Ever tried to insult someone while smiling by using a language the other one is not able to understand? That can be really satisfying but it’s also a kind of a lie and not what I’m talking about. What I mean is the potential of telling someone ‘I love your work in the way it is contrary to mine, which on the other hand has the advantage of showing the right figures and that’s the reason we should use mine, this time!’ instead of ‘Your work is trash. We’ll use mine, you piece of crap!’
Fight your wars within your thoughts!

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