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You don’t make sense

Have you ever been speechless? Most people are from time to time. There is probably no need to worry about. Sometimes it’s just the numbness of the aftereffects of alcohol or sleeplessness. Or maybe it’s just some small surprise life often offers in the most unexpected situations. There is a saying ‘firstly it comes different and secondly, as you may imagine.’
What’s quite a sophistic attempt that offers a way out in such situations, is to build up association chains. Such procedures are used in some evaluation and creative idea finding techniques. These also called mind maps exist in various places. Language with all its references and reflexions works similar. I’m going to try it with the intention of conveying knowledge.

Long speculated but still an open question is whether life exists on Mars or not. Life on Mars is also a song by David Robert Jones better known as David Bowie which was released in 1973. 1973 again, is a song performed by James Hillier Blount who was actually born in 1974 and had been inspired by the club scene in Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging with the island of Formentera to Spain. Spain is a constitutional monarchy like the United Kingdom and has been a member of the European Union since 1986. The European Union has together with Bulgaria and Romania, which joined by January 2007, 27 member states. Originally created as an economic union the unemployment rate for its almost 500 million citizens stood at 7 percent in 2007. The United States are inhabited by about 300 million people with an unemployment rate of about 5 percent. If you’re interested in the rest of the world, look up Kwashiorkor.
Take a look at the lawman, beating up the wrong guy!


December 26, 2007 at 9:41 pm 6 comments

You deserve to forget

Nowadays, TV series show us one thing: knowledge is the key to success. If it’s House MD to demonstrate others their deficiencies by being himself almost infallible, or Shawn Spencer whose remarkable memory abilities give him an unnatural psychic impression, or even Dexter Morgan who uses his intelligence to commit murder for some kind of justifiable justice. All of these examples show us fictive people making the impression of being normal with certain abilities that let them appear to be special. There are also the extremes like Heroes which add a bit more fiction and thus wouldn’t quite work in reality. But, maybe they are just good at hiding it.
Anyway, there is a problem arising with such series which seem pretty natural and maybe possible in our imagination. Mostly, they leave us just two options: either we admit to be stupid and can’t do what their starlets can, or everybody else is cause know I can read minds – can’t you? That’s probably one of the reasons they design most of these series as comedies or at least add some comical aspects. Because, who wants to be even more depressed after sitting half an hour in a sofa watching problems of fictive people?

Let’s go back a minute to the part about knowledge. Everything is about how much you’re able to remember. But isn’t it great to have a mind which can forget things easily? – Wait for the point before you try to forget how useless reading this entry was! Oblivion offers you the ultimate feature to happiness. And I don’t mean to forgive, that’s mostly just a selfish act to have others be grateful.
Only when you’ve learned to forget, you’ve learned what it means to know!

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You got one of a sentence

Inevitable a mass is condemned to disintegrate into sparks of matter daring the insubstantiality of nothing but space, only to search for refuge at its own kind to build up new patterns of something else, and thus trying to satisfy its need for being special whereas the specification that would make it special is the same for everything of the same kind making it even more ordinary than the existence of nothing else, which leaves the feeling of an useless search for a meaning, regardless of the fact that a meaning could only make sense with the knowledge of everything as well as of its underlying condition called nothing at all.

I’m going to give it up here. I don’t want to give away every secret life offers. Honestly, one has to go far just to find out who he or she really is and where one belongs to. Maybe we won’t find it out at all. But does it really matter? Shouldn’t we enjoy every single thing even if it only leaves a bitter taste in your mouth? Every moment is worth breathing air into your lungs like it would be the one single really existing matter filling us with something we would call hope for finding more. More that’s waiting for us, out of our current sight, but knowing that we’re coming to taste it like it was the rain after running a marathon.
Knowledge is the weight on your shoulders just like it is your parachute!

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You can’t be someone else

The modern Internet offers us much more than communication. It’s the imagination of being able to be anyone you’d like to be. Chat rooms or worlds like Second Life try to make us believe that we can be anyone. Why does one even want to be different? And if you don’t manage to be like you want, why would it be different online? This brings us a bit down to the mind/body problem. Je pense, donc je suis – that’s what Descartes said. It’s the thinking of two things existing by their own in relationship to each other. It’s also referred to as dualism, a philosophy of mind. Most religions require such a distinct point of view.
One problem is, it’s simply not scientific. Why should our bodies feature something called soul? Though, it was quite important as explanation when EEGs and MRI technologies didn’t exist to represent our thinking processes on the material level. We know about neurons, synapses and basically how it all works together now. The first organism to have its genome completely sequenced and all of its 302 neurons mapped was Caenorhabditis Elegans, a roundworm.

So much for science. Whether we believe in a soul, karma, in god, chemical substances or love – it doesn’t matter. For virtual worlds it is important to understand that we can’t be someone else. You change everytime you think. Every thought gives your brain (or soul) a different face. Still, you define yourself through your body – where you are and when. A quote I read a short time ago – but forgot where – was something like: people change everytime, love is when you like someone even though.
Don’t try to be someone else, learn to know yourself!

December 17, 2007 at 7:00 am 1 comment

To coordinate chaos

3.1415926535897′. Ordo ab chao. Mea culpa sed omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina. How to understand chaos? Maybe it’s all about circles. What goes around comes back around. Try to cry into a room with many edges. Your voice will probably crush. Compare this to places you wander without the will or possibility to share attributes of these milieus. Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy: arte soy entre las artes, e en los montes, monte soy. Adaptive you have to be. More than ever. Unser Zeitgeist ist unsere immer schneller werdende Veränderung. Der Wandel der Zeit.

Change is irrestistible. Disce quasi semper victurus vive quasi cras moriturus. Lerne Veränderung. So does that straigthen out our confusion? First, we have to find the system where we don’t see it. Afterwards, we make it fit to serve our purpose. With the knowledge of the appropriate patterns and the ability to change them or else our thinking about them, chaos will fade.
Not everything may fit into a sphere. Trotzdem hilft es oft schon einfach Definitionen mehr Freiraum zu geben. Abstrakt zu denken. Think without limits. Eventually it’s about language too. Try to understand. Let yourself be affected. Even if it’s just a mathematical constant with a decimal expansion that never ends nor repeats.
Acta est fabula plaudite!

December 13, 2007 at 7:00 am 4 comments

To play piano with your thoughts

How do I get attention? In a former post of mine (To talk about sex) I wrote about the labyrinth thoughts have to cross after they entered the auditory system of their target. The shorter and faster ways are the more interesting ones. You take them by using catch words and by making perfect connections between various thoughts.
When it’s about connections my own ones flash like radar equipment placed between a coffee shop and a toilet facility. For the Internet similar rules exist. Hyperlinks are the key to success. Or, how many people do you know, still entering whole web addresses into their browser windows?

Sorry, this isn’t going to be an entry about blogging. That would be like looking up the word Thesaurus in a Thesaurus. It’s more about Clowns. I mentioned this exclusive species in there (In the dark shadows die) and their time has finally come. We are about to pretend that we care with useless crap we spent hours purchasing because of unnecessary long waiting lines. Hell, with current technology you may even order, pay, pack and send useless stuff within the same mouse click. Guess how long it took me to get your present?
If you don’t know what to give, then don’t try to force something into the ungrateful role of your gift. Maybe you were born to be careless and evil. So, be careless! Everything else is just a lie.
True love is just a link away!

December 11, 2007 at 8:35 pm 3 comments

To know what you want

How do you make the right decisions about your future? How to decide if you want to study or start working, to start a family or to climb the business ladder, to go abroad or to settle down? Such choices influence probably a period of five to 10 years of your life. When you think about children the commitment lasts even longer. (Even without commitment the monetary issues will hound you!) So shall we write a chart with all positives and negatives or just hand over the steering wheel to our guts?
I think a lot of truth goes down the toilet, so your digestive tracts are pretty good as it comes to the small questions in life. But when it’s about the massive questions, I think you’re doing good in investing as much time as possible to evaluate the various outcomes. Sometimes it’s helpful to ask people you don’t know well. They don’t care much about your feelings, which is the reason they will tell you their opinion for sure most of the time.

Another suggestion is to tell your questions as what they are – just questions, but not as crucial points and the ‘big search for a solution’. Most people couldn’t even imagine the situation you’re actually in, so why bother them with your core issues. Also, why should you bother yourself with hours of answers you could make abstract movies out of nobody would want to watch instead of taking sleeping pills?
yvan eht nioJ!

December 10, 2007 at 8:51 pm 5 comments

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