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You and your ego

As time goes by so do our beliefs. Things change even at the single second we look at them. Therefore it’s hard to keep your trust in specific processes or life itself. Of course, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer from our own inability for finding valid beliefs. It just means that we have to accept changes and try to grow with them. If we manage to adapt ourselves well enough we may gain happiness by flexibility.
Nietzsche said ‘Wer viel Freude hat, muß ein guter Mensch sein: aber vielleicht ist er nicht der klügste, obwohl er gerade das erreicht, was der Klügste mit aller seiner Klugheit erstrebt‘. Thus, it’s not the truth that makes us happy, but our own trust in something.

From that, we may derive our greatest fear. It’s about the events that leave us unable to trust our own senses – the fear of being wrong. With that knowledge we may be able to overcome one of our greatest problems: the freezing in thoughts that prevents us from acting. The problems don’t lie in our present, they are written down in the memories from our past and the imagination of our future.
With these things in mind we may conclude that our flexibility can be our strength. In order to get rid of some of our fears we have to clear up things for ourselves and within our minds.
Darkness exists from where we come from, darkness is where we are going to, the only light we keep within our hearts, is the trust we have on things we know.
One might also say: it does not matter where we come from – it does not matter where we go to – the only thing that matters is the action that we make.
You always have to cross the street to look at your own way!


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To coordinate chaos

3.1415926535897′. Ordo ab chao. Mea culpa sed omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina. How to understand chaos? Maybe it’s all about circles. What goes around comes back around. Try to cry into a room with many edges. Your voice will probably crush. Compare this to places you wander without the will or possibility to share attributes of these milieus. Yo vengo de todas partes, y hacia todas partes voy: arte soy entre las artes, e en los montes, monte soy. Adaptive you have to be. More than ever. Unser Zeitgeist ist unsere immer schneller werdende Veränderung. Der Wandel der Zeit.

Change is irrestistible. Disce quasi semper victurus vive quasi cras moriturus. Lerne Veränderung. So does that straigthen out our confusion? First, we have to find the system where we don’t see it. Afterwards, we make it fit to serve our purpose. With the knowledge of the appropriate patterns and the ability to change them or else our thinking about them, chaos will fade.
Not everything may fit into a sphere. Trotzdem hilft es oft schon einfach Definitionen mehr Freiraum zu geben. Abstrakt zu denken. Think without limits. Eventually it’s about language too. Try to understand. Let yourself be affected. Even if it’s just a mathematical constant with a decimal expansion that never ends nor repeats.
Acta est fabula plaudite!

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To care or not to care

Sometimes you don’t have to be sober to look at the world straight. Of course, if you prefer to do that without red, scratching eyes, a sore throat, the classical headache and no voice to express your feelings, you might want to get rid of some chemicals in your blood first.
Now, that we see trough our optical sense organs again, tell me what you see. Did I ask too quickly? Don’t mind! I’m going to explain it to you anyway. Most people care about the wrong things in life. I told you about wrong perspectives before (In change we find our relevance). Today I’m going to take the opposite position. As stated before, it’s important that we care about the big troubles in the world as well as to care about the small ones. A saying, probably Chinese, is somewhat like ‘take the serious problems with ease and the easy problems seriously’. You can really convert that to a larger scale. It truly makes no sense to abstain from eating because somewhere children are starving. You should, if your health is at risk by overeating, but not for anybody, anywhere.

The particular thing I want to pronounce is, you have to be able to say ‘I don’t give a crap!’. So many things in life are just unimportant. One main aspect about persons you love or like is that you care about them. Does that make sense if you also care about: shiny nail polish, alloy wheel rims, stupid shop assistants, cold coffee, bugging financial consultants? Make time your Christmas present. The ones who don’t value it, you don’t need to consider next year.
Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter!

December 3, 2007 at 11:57 pm 2 comments

In change we find our relevance

In the past I thought that people never change. They stay the jerks they once became. I changed my mind about that. People get even more dumb.
To generalise is to be an idiot. That’s what William Blake said. Within that phrase, the whole idea of knowledge and wisdom is wrapped. It may seem harsh, but it fits so well to our communities nowadays. Obviously, I am no exception. Superficiality we might call it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to know the story of the life of my next waitress. Nonetheless, I also don’t want to know about the current weather, time nor any other smalltalk crap.

People learn through generalisation. They learn languages by building rules of syntax and semantics. Complex programs are constructed by abstraction. Big companies own a management to manage their management. Despite that, true knowledge is when we know what’s going on inside the box. And this is where we get ignorant, lazy and scared. It’s where the problem starts. You take something as granted. You don’t want to stress yourself with little children knitting your clothes. You don’t mind to dismiss 101 employees to keep your job.
On the other hand, we despise too much sugar in our coffee mugs. We yell about too much light green on our prints. Yeah, what the fun! We lost our priorities in wrong perspectives long ago. But who am I, daring to write text nobody reads.
Now I’m going to eat the fourth and evil doughnut!

November 8, 2007 at 9:32 pm 5 comments

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